Open Source T.REX Ironside Mounting Hardware Files

The Ironside Holsters and Carriers are basic yet elegant outside-the-waistband products, and they have basic yet elegant mounting hardware, which we are now releasing as open-source files. If you want to purchase extra injection molded Belt Loops or Carrier Connectors they are available on our site, but our tests have shown similar strength when these models are printed out of MJF Nylon 11.


3D meshes of the 1.5″ and 1.75″ Belt Loops are included, as well as a PDF version of a 2D print. The Ironside Belt Loops are a simple and straightforward way to attach holsters or carriers to belts. These can be easily adapted to different sizes of belts, different attachment points, or different angles. This design should be a good starting point for experiments with different textures to grip the belt or other modifications.


In order to connect multiple magazine carriers together, we manufactured a simple bridge. It has the same 1″ hole pattern as most T.REX ARMS accessories and a gentle bend to accommodate most body types. Again, this STL file should be a great starting point for any changes to accommodate different hole patterns, different angles, or additional features.

Anyone can develop new types of belt loops and mounting accessories or use these as a starting point for their own attachments. All the design files exist on GitHub, so you can easily create forks and revisions on a platform that supports industry-wide collaboration. Anything that you build on top of these files can be distributed privately, publicly, or commercially.  


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