Open Source 3D Scans

Holstermaking at T.REX ARMS has been through a lot of phases. We’ve gone from foam-pressed Kydex on taped-up blue guns to vacuum forming and from MDF molds cut on desktop Shopbots to HDPE molds milled on Haas machines. But whether we have used the venerable Lightwave software, or the more advanced Fusion 360, one of the most useful tools in the shop has been our Einscan-SP 3D scanner.

Over the years we have put up with its occasional glitches and buggy software to build a large library of scans, and we believe that one of the most useful things that we can do for the citizen defense industry is to give everyone access to this library. This is raw scan data exported as untextured, non-watertight OBJ files, all hosted on GrabCAD and organized by manufacturer.

They provide a lot of detailed information about the external dimensions of many firearms and some pistol lights. Whether you are a holster maker, a game developer who wants exact proportions for your low poly models, or just someone who would like to see the exact dimensional differences between the CZ P-01 and SP-01 pistol, this data should be very interesting.

We would also like to open this library up to contributors. Anyone who would like to share their own firearm-related scans can contact us at [email protected] and we will figure out how to work together to provide more access to more information for more people.


3D Scans

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