Open Source T.REX Sidecar Dual Wield Adapter File


The infamous Sidecar Dual Wield Adapter started life as an April Fool’s Day joke, a joke which was actually available on our website as a limited-edition part so you could carry and fire two guns whilst jumping through the air. With it you could connect two Sidecar holsters together with exactly the right amount of separation for pistol optics and exactly the right amount of angle for a quick draw.  

We have had excellent results printing these using PLA+ filament on FDM printers like the Ender 3; using eSUN’s Hard-Tough resin on SLA printers like the Elgoo Mars line; and having them printed in nylon by professional printers like MK Machining.  

As always, these files do not exist so that you can print your own copies of things that we have already designed, but as a starting point for your own models. Anything that you build on top of the Sidecar Spine System can be distributed privately, publicly, or commercially.  All of our open source design files exist on GitHub so you can easily create forks and revisions on a platform that supports industry-wide collaboration.



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