MARS Rifle Mag Carrier


When you need maximum accessibility for spare mags, the MARS is an excellent option. Similar to the Ragnarok series of holsters, the MARS is precision-formed from .125 Kydex. This makes the mag carrier extremely rugged and a worthwhile option for direct action applications. The MARS features an extremely modular hole pattern on the backside allowing various attachments to be used and for the angle of the mag carrier to be adjusted to the user’s preferences (depending on attachment selected). The screws on the sides can be used to adjust the retention.

Regular belt loops allow the MARS to be pretty concealable under a jacket. A Tek Lok pictured on the right makes the MARS easy to don/doff, and gives it some offset from the body making the magazine a little more accessible.

The hole pattern on the back of a MARS rifle carrier allows attachments from Bladetech, G-code, Safariland, regular belt loops(pictured), and Malice clips.

MARS attached to an Orion belt.

When combined with MARS pistol carriers, amazing things can happen.

The MARS Rifle Mag Carrier is fully ambidextrous. Mags can be run rounds rearward (coke can grip) or forward for an index grip. Retention is adjustable by tightening the screws on either side, or both sides.

The AR-15 MARS has been confirmed to work with USGI magazines, all generation Magpul PMAGs, HK416s, and should fit other STANAG-pattern magazines just fine.