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Lancer L5AWM Magazine

This product is regulated by ITAR. It can only be shipped in the USA.

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The Lancer L5AWM magazine is our go-to for 300 Blackout, mainly for the different look and feel, making it easy to separate them from our 5.56 PMAGs. This lowers the chance of accidentally slapping a 300 Blackout mag in a 5.56 rifle and having a catastrophic malfunction that damages the gun and possibly the person behind it. The 300 Blackout-specific Lancer magazines are specifically designed for 200gr+ Subsonic loads, but we’ve had good performance with everything from 125gr Supers to 220gr Subsonics.


  • 1x Lancer L5AWM Magazine (20 or 30 Round)

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  • Specifically engineered for 200+ grain subsonic ammunition.
  • Stamped with 300 Blackout markings for caliber organization.
  • Contrasting FDE floorplates provide instant visual identification.
  • One-piece, wrap-around steel feed lip assembly.

Designed, tooled, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.

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This product is restricted by International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and cannot be shipped outside of the USA.

Some states unconstitutionally restrict the sales, transfer, or ownership of OEM-standard capacity magazines. As a legal policy, we don’t ship restricted items to ANYONE in these states, as detailed below. Note that because we believe that all citizens should have the same rights, we do not make exceptions for military, law enforcement, or government personnel.

Unconstitutional Restrictions on Magazine Capacities by State
Handgun mags over 10 roundsCA, CT, DC, HI, MD, MA, NJ, NY, WA
Handgun mags over 15 roundsCO, IL, VT
Rifle mags over 10 roundsCA, CT, DC, IL, MA, MD, NJ, NY, VT, WA
Rifle mags over 15 roundsCO

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