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Attachment must be ordered separately. We recommend the Tek-Lok from Blade-Tech.

Introducing the new Ragnarok carriers! A 2023 update to our earlier MARS carriers, they provide maximum accessibility for your spare mags and modular attachment holes to support multiple attachment methods, placements, and rotations. These carriers are still made from rugged .125″ Kydex for maximum durability and still offer the best outside-the-waistband performance on duty and competition belts.

The Ragnarok AR-15 rifle mag carrier is fully ambidextrous. Depending on the mounting location or preferred grip, magazines can be run with rounds facing forward or rearward, and retention can be adjusted in any way. The modular mounting holes allow it to be rotated any amount in any direction in 15° increments. It is compatible with all generations of Magpul PMAGs and also works with USGI, EPM, and other variations of STANAG magazines.


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One T.REX Ragnarok Rifle Mag Carrier (Attachment must be ordered separately. We recommend the Tek-Lok from Blade-Tech.)

If you add a Tek-Lok to your cart when purchasing the mag carrier, we will install it for you before we ship it, so your carrier is ready to roll right out of the box.

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  • Magazines can be oriented to face forward or rearward, depending on the mounting location or user preference.
  • Compatible with all generations of Magpul PMAGs and various STANAG magazines, including USGI, EPM, and others.
  • Constructed from heavy-duty .125″ Kydex for maximum durability, suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • The modular hole pattern accommodates various attachments available on the market and also allows users to customize the angle of the carrier to their preference.
  • All hardware adjusts retention.

Ragnarok Hardware Diagram

Made in the USA by T.REX ARMS.


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How does this compare to the Ironside Carriers?
The Ragnarok Carriers are made from .125″ Kydex and are best paired with Tek-Lok attachments on a warbelt rig. The Ironside Carriers are made of a thinner .093″ Kydex and have regular beltloops, making them more suited to concealed OWB carry. They are available in the same models and have the same retention adjustment, which means you can match the feel of your carry setup to your training kit.
Should I upgrade my existing MARS carrier?
If you are running common mags in your MARS carriers, please do not upgrade. The Ragnarok carriers have the same mounting system, same materials, and same precision fit that you already have. The main advantages are for folks who are running previously-unsupported or esoteric metal mags and need the more specific geometry and adjustments of the new design.

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