T.REX Offset Mount

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The T.REX offset mount is a minimalistic approach to mounting an offset optic on your rifle. Generally used alongside LPVOs or other magnified optics, offsets provide a fast 1x aiming solution that is readily available by rotating the rifle in your shoulder. The offset optic also functions as a reliable backup optic platform. Each mount includes a riser plate, allowing users to run it higher than the standard height depending on your needs or primary optic setup.


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Trijicon RMR Offset Mount; two T25 rail clamp screws; one riser plate; four T15 screws (2 short, 2 long); two Torx wrenches

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Offset Mount; two T25 rail clamp screws; one riser plate; two T20 screws; two Torx wrenches

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Trijicon RMR: If using the riser, use the two longer screws (6-32 x 5/8″) included with your Offset Mount to install your RMR. If not using the riser, use the two shorter screws (6-32 x 1/2″) included with the Offset Mount.

Review the Assembly Instructions on the left for the Trijicon RMR Offset Mount before mounting your optic.

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro: Use the two screws (T15 M4-0.7×15.8) that are included with your DeltaPoint Pro to mount the optic to the Offset Mount (with or without the riser plate). If using the riser, use the two screws (T20 M4-0.7×10) included with your Offset Mount to install the riser plate to the mount.

Review the Assembly Instructions on the left for the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Offset Mount before mounting your optic.

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  • 6061-T6 Aluminum construction
  • MIL-A-8625 Type III hard anodized coating
  • Improved 35-degree angle for fast and natural aiming
  • Low profile; only sits 0.14″ above the Picatinny rail
  • An optional riser plate allows the end-user to roughly match the height of their primary optic for smoother transitions

Made in the USA.


Rail Clamp Torque30 in/lbs
Optic/Riser to Mount TorqueRMR; 12 in/lbs (dry) 10 in/lbs (wet)
DeltaPoint Pro; 25 in/lbs (dry) 20 in/lbs (wet)
WeightRMR; 1.8 oz (no riser) 2.4 oz (riser)
DeltaPoint Pro; 1.6 oz (no riser) 2.2
oz (riser)
Rail Clamp Length 0.99 inches
Height Over Rail0.14 inches

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Should I mount this in front of my scope or behind it?
It’s entirely your preference. That being said, we prefer it in front of an LPVO, so the distance from your eye is greater, thus opening up your field of view. Plus, with some scope mounts, it tucks nicely away in front of the scope. Mounting it behind the scope could also get in the way of some throw levers. Try it both ways and see what you like best.
Should I run it with the riser plate or without?
This is preference as well. You can choose to run it at the same height as your scope if you want a consistent cheek-weld on the stock. However, as shooters we love a more “heads up” posture when shooting, so we prefer to use it with the riser plate, regardless of how the scope is mounted.

For example, some scopes are very picky about eye-relief and in those cases, running a Standard ~1.50″ scope mount makes more sense as it allows the shooter to get a tight cheek-weld to the stock in the same place every time. Even still, we’d prefer to run the Offset with the riser so it’s easier to shoot on the move with. Again… this comes down to preference.

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