T.REX Eagle Active Shooter Response Sling Bag Overview

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Video Transcript

Bag Overview (00:00):
This is the T.REX Eagle Active Shooter Response Sling Bag. Yes. I know that title is quite a mouthful, but what this product is, is pretty simple. It's a small bag with a single strap, a waist strap for stabilization to help support your rifle, your pistol, yourself, give you medical gear, communications, whatever it happens to be. So what I have right here is a small bag that has two rifle mag pouches on either side, a small pistol pouch, multi-tool, or flashlight pouch on the front of that. And then a larger medical pouch, which can have CAT tourniquets, other medical equipment, or you can simply drop one of our ITRKs (the larger or the smaller one), zip it up, and call it a day. There's a pull tab that you can use to help open the pouch if need be. And then on the inside of the pouch itself, there is a chest rig style GP pouch, map pouch that can hold all kinds of different things.

Possible Use-Cases (01:01):
So basically, what is the premise of this pouch? Well, the way that we're using it here at T.REX ARMS is this rides in our vehicles, along with a rifle, or goes into our clothing bag on a trip, something like that. So I can really easily grab my rifle, grab this little satchel and have ammunition, medical gear, whatever else I think I might want or need to go with the gun. So I don't necessarily have to travel with a full chest rig or even a full set of body armor with all the equipment on that. I can just take this little sucker, hang it up on the seat of my car. It can sit in the floorboards and give me a little bit of everything and putting it on is pretty fast.

Colorways (01:37):
We have these in Grey, Ranger Green, and Black. Eagle makes these in Multicam and I think a couple other colors like Coyote. Although personally speaking I'm not sure what the benefit of that is—using a product like this in a situation where you actually need camouflage. This is actually very much camouflage in an urban environment, wearing the clothes that I'm wearing right now, versus if I was wearing Coyote on top of this—downtown Nashville—that would not be very camouflage or Multicam for that matter.

Example Loadout and Uses (02:05):
So let's actually show what kind of equipment I can actually fit in this. So the rifle mag pouch, because some of you are gonna ask, "Does it fit AK mags? 5.45?" The answer is yes, it does. In fact, the rifle mag pouch technically will fit two 30 round STANAG magazines. It's a double mag pouch. Now I haven't been using it for that, but does the pouch actually work for that? Yes. So this can support four rifle magazines, kinda like a sort of a rifle Bandolier to, you know, complement your slick plate carrier or whatever. But that's not how I've been using it. I have one rifle mag on either side and then I have a pistol mag and usually a flashlight. And then my medical gear inside.

Now, one of the cool things about this pouch, or this sling bag I should say, is it's a pretty effective way of grabbing a radio real quick and having something all rigged up. So what I've done to this one right here is I have a radio in the back pouch because it's less accessible. So the ammunition stays in the front, radio in the back. And I've run the cable and taped it off along the shoulder strap. And then I fashioned a small little area with tape that the clip of the PTT can clip into. So then when I go to put this on, I can really quickly have communications. So if you're a first responder, you're a firefighter, you're a cop or it's an active shooting, you know, type of situation—which is obviously what the name of this product is, you know, originally based around, that kind of incident—this is a really fast way of quickly throwing on a radio if it's not something that you already carry. So pretty cool.

The other thing that you can do with this pouch that I think is very nifty is it has a chest rig style, expandable map pouch. But you don't just have to put maps in this. So there's a couple things that you can do. These smaller size of DAKA pouch will actually fit inside of this. You kind of have to… Kinda have to… Kinda push it in there. It's not a perfect fit. But as you can see that fits in there just fine. So then you can have some waterproof-ability of whatever documents or whatever you wanna throw in there. You can also do other things like one of our chemlight holders with chemlights and batteries. Drop that in there. Put your gloves in there. Ziploc bag with writing utensils and/or a notebook, headlamp, and compass—that can all go in there as well. And again, it could be in a waterproof bag of some sort, so I can have all that in addition to everything else. And then you could have maps and all the normal stuff that people put in there. So if this is a product that is something that's sort of a, sort of a hybrid between something like a ready rig, a chest rig, and then going with something like a plate carrier.

It's very inexpensive. This is actually something that I would consider using in a rifle class. You know, I'm going to a rifle class or even teaching a rifle class. I just wanna throw something on to have, you know, my medical and my magazines in a, you know, pretty easy way to use for not a lot of money. This thing does that. Now is this going to be as effective as a dedicated chest rig for running around doing stuff in all day and you know, rucking around in? Absolutely not. That's not what this was originally designed for. This was originally designed for those sort of spur the moment type of situations, or just the convenience of having some extra gear to go with your rifle, if the need requires.

Upgrading the Strap (05:18):
Now there is one other thing that I do wanna mention. If you wanna upgrade the strap, the stabilization strap that goes around your waist, which is already great, it can be adjusted very easily. But if you wanna upgrade that to be you know, a little more stabilization, a little more stretchiness, our back strap is compatible. All you have to do is remove their original strap that is included. Take our back strap that is not included, attach that. And you're good to go.

Strap Tip (05:50):
Another tip and something that I've been doing. If I'm not, if I'm not necessarily wanting to run this or I'm anticipating running this what I actually do is loop a knot, go ahead and buckle it. So now that's kind of outta the way. And then all I do is sling this and it is gonna flop around a little more, but then I don't have to worry about real quickly trying to put this thing on. I could just quickly sling it and have some stuff. Push it out of the way. Shoot. When I need my magazines, I can bring it to the front. Push it back to the back and I'm set.

So if this is a product that may complement your first rifle or rifles you already have, or just give you a little bit more convenience compared to other equipment out there, definitely check it out. And if you have any other questions for us, go ahead and email us at [email protected].