T.REX Plate Backer Set Overview

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Video Transcript

So here, I've got the T.REX ARMS plate backer. Now this is just two pieces of foam. It's nothing crazy fancy. These are not ballistic. This is not IIIA armor, and this is not gonna save your life. If for whatever reason, the defamation of your armor is more than your body can handle. What these are intended for is if you have a single curve plate or a hard plate, such as the L210, these help make it a little more comfortable when you're wearing it for a prolonging period of time. It's also dependent on what kind of plate carrier plate carrier you have. Some plate carriers have, you know, mesh padding. Some are just absolutely slick. Some like the MBAV really don't have any cushioning at all. So when you put a hard plate, like an L210, or even steel, that's something you wear.

So I don't recommend that's pretty uncomfortable. So this little plate backer set, they all come in two, they are size small, but they can fit fine with medium and large plates and you will position it like so, so that the raised padded areas will be against your skin. This also helps with circulation as well. As you can see the L210 here, this is a size for a size small for the backers. So it can fit in all sorts of plate carriers in different plate sizes. But you will not be touching the size of the plate, obviously with your body, because these are raised in such a way to prevent that from happening. These were designed with the L210 in mind, because these are fairly uncomfortable, depending again, on the plate carrier, you select to wear directly against your body. And it is a single curve plate. So the way it works is quite simple. You have your plate carrier, you have your backers. If you decide that you want to buy these, the T.REX skull will be facing out. So the pads will be facing in. I like to add the backers first into the carrier.

This is a size medium carrier with size small backers. We only make one size but it fits with everything. Small, medium, large XL, all that good stuff. Then my L210 slot, right in. Plate flap goes under. Now, we're here to the front. Plate goes in on top. So what it will look like is that right there, I've got my two channels of padding on either side with a nice little vent area in the middle. And that is going to give me—Run the flap on the inside here—That is going to give me—I need to pop the panel for the cummerbund on the front—That is gonna give me cushioning on each side of the carrier, along the edges and in the center here that has this nice mesh pad. I can have some ventilation, but this is going to be a lot more comfortable when I'm wearing my L210s than just wearing that right up against my body they fit obviously all these other plate carriers, such as this LBT 6094 SLICK, this velocity—actually, this is an old—yeah, it's a velocity, I guess… I was thinking it was a Mayflower. Crye JPCs I wanna say this is a medium or yeah, this is a medium. So they'll fit right into there. This SKD PIG Brigandine. They're basically pads you put into a plate carrier. If a plate carrier takes normal SAPI sizes, it'll take our pads just fine. So we're only making one size.

It fits all your plate carriers—small, medium, large—any kinds of plates you wanna throw on there. If you do have larger plates and this, this will be dependent on your plate carrier as well, such as the 3810s it's not as necessary to have the plate backer because these are a little bit cushion, a little more comfortable. But I actually… I still like having them just for that added ventilation. And then also just for some added padding. So this is a size medium AC1 with 3810s—I think these are size small—And then the plate backer installed. I have enough room and it's just fine. If I wanna run medium 3810s in there, plus the backer, which does end up being pretty fat. Our carrier can still support that. So it will be dependent some on the plate carrier you're using, if it's ours or someone else's, and then how fat the plates are you using. But for the most part, the backers can be used just fine. They're two pieces of foam. They're not ballistic. They're not in anything crazy. They're made in America and they're pretty inexpensive. So if it's something that you're looking for to make your plate carrier a little more comfortable, definitely check them out.