T.REX 5.56 Shingle Overview

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Video Transcript

This is the T.REX 5.56 Shingle. You might have seen this in our AC1 video. We're trying to get it out to you guys, we just wanna make sure we have enough inventory that we don't sell out right away, but I'll just go over some of the features on this and different loadouts that you can use.

First off we are using a poly-woven elastic. It shrinks less with water. Also, we're going with a thicker material. This is to give you standoff from the cummerbund over it on the plate carrier. It gives you standoff to help assist putting your mags back in, re-indexing mags for training purposes. It's nothing fancy. It's just some elastic, some webbing, and some Velcro.

All right. Things that'll fit. These two side ones are about 2.5" wide. That is to compensate for your plate. It has to go over the edge of your plate. So it'll shrink down to about 2 1/4", 2", which is perfect for things like pistol mags, flashlights. It'll fit tourniquets. You got your pen there for marking time. It'll fit these different multi-tools. So we'll just kind of load it up. Here's a GI 5.56 mag. It's got 300 Blackout in it. Takes those. They're gonna to be snug out of the box. They will kind of set once you have them loaded. 5.45 mag. I suggest that the nub, you put that in first. Once you get it started, put your nub in and go down with it. And then PMAGs, a little tighter because of these wings here, but it will also fit these.

We might do other variants later more specific to 7.62. We have had customers say that they can fit 7.62 in our 5.56 cells because of the elastic. We just don't suggest it. It puts extra stress on these seams, but if you wanna do that, that's fine. Let's see here. We'll get a tourniquet in here. It is gonna be snug. What I… Do that… Let's see, we'll grab this stiletto, put that in there. There you go. You got three 30 round mags, obviously different calibers, but just to showcase. You can fit tourniquets, your flashlights. You could swap that out for maybe a a multi-tool of some sort. Like that.

And the idea behind this is it would just stick on, take the hook side and you stick it to your plate carrier. Doesn't have to be ours. Anyone's with Velcro up front. You'll stick it on. And then you bring the cummerbund over to tighten it down. An example of that would be our AC1 here, and we have this one set up with a multi-tool, couple AR mags, Glock stick mag, a flashlight actually in there with the stick mag, and then a tourniquet. And you can see the cummerbund just goes over the top and sets in like so. Check it out, it's the 5.56 T.REX Shingle.