HESCO L110 Special Threat Side Plates Overview

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These are the HESCO L110 side plates. They're equivalent in rating protection to the M210s and the L210s that we currently sell right now. A big concern that people have when it comes to adding side plates is the weight and the added weight that they have. So quick demo of what these actually equate to both plates together, we're looking at 53 ounces. Um, 56 ounces is three and a half pounds. Three loaded PMAGS of 55 grain and some 62 grain in there. You're looking close to 53 ounces as well. And then finally, three water bottles or 48 ounces of water equates to 54, um, 54 ounces. So this is the same weight across the board. I don't think that's a very good reason for most people not to run side plates. Some use cases for why you'd want to run side plates is you're in a vehicle.

Um, you anticipate heavy fighting, um, or you're going somewhere indoors, uh, where there's gonna be a lot more angles that you're gonna be exposing yourself towards. So they are compatible with a number of cummerbunds on the market. These are the 6"x6" size for reference. There are 6"x8" plates out there. They're huge. I do not recommend using them. They're just gonna dig into you. It's gonna be extremely uncomfortable. They're compatible with something like the Crye MBAV cummerbunds Um, a lot of plate carriers come with them like the CPC cummerbund as well. So you have a ton of options on the marketplace and T-Rex might have an option for you in the future as well. Uh, but for now, you can retrofit an AC1 as you see with this plate carrier right here with a Crye cummerbund that will accommodate these plates. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out and contact us at [email protected]