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OT Defense Multi Muzzle Plug for 6000 Series Holsters


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Safariland holsters come with a muzzle plug insert that the muzzle rests against when fully seated in the holster. This reduces wobble/vertical play in the holster and helps to maintain retention. But, a time may come when you want to use a gun in your holster that has a shorter or longer barrel than what the factory muzzle plug is made for. That’s where the OT Defense Multi Muzzle Plug comes in. Swap out the factory plug for the appropriate height, and voila! Your gun should lock into the ALS without much thought or initial sinkage.


One OT Defense muzzle plug; plug platform; one (1x) hex screw; hex key

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  • Replaces the factory-molded Delrin plug with a hard-anodized aluminum body, and a machined Delrin plug to protect your muzzle while allowing adjustability.
  • Installs with the factory hardware and a supplied screw through the existing holes. No modifying the holster itself.
  • Works for right and left-handed holsters.

Made in the USA.

G17 6354RDSGlock 19/19X/45: 1.45″
Glock 17/47: .950″
Glock 34: .050″ Low
G34 6354RDSGlock 19/19X/45: 1.45″
Glock 17/47: .635″
Glock 34: .050″ Low
P320 4.7″ 6354RDS4.7″: .050″ Low
3.9″: .950″
M&P 2.0 4,25″ 6354RDS5″ Models: .050″ Low
4.25″ Models: .950″
4″ Models: .950″
3.6″ Models: 1.45″

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