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Ghostmen Designs Portal


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The Ghostmen Designs Portal is a simple and effective product designed to let dirt, brass, gravel, etc. fall out through the bottom of your Safariland 6000 series ALS holster to ensure that you are able to re-holster your weapon. Sure, you can just run your Safariland without the factory plug, but the Portal adds some rigidity and a little extra weapon light protection back to the bottom of the holster.


One Ghostmen Designs Portal

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  • Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Open design allows debris to fall through without compromising structural integrity
  • Aluminum construction adds rigidity to the bottom of the holster
  • Only works in Safariland 6000 Series light bearing holsters

Made in the USA.

Installation Instructions

  • Remove holster from mount
  • Loosen the screw (1/8″ allen key) on the base of the holster
  • Remove the factory plastic plug
  • Press the Portal in its place, making sure it is fully seated all around into the channel
  • Tighten the screw back up and re-mount the holster

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