Open Source T.REX Sidecar Extender File

The Sidecar Spine System is designed to be extremely modular and expandable. One of the best ways to expand your Sidecar’s comfort and concealability might be to literally expand its width. A number of users have discovered that extending the distance between the holster and mag carrier can improve comfort and stability for certain body types.

Since there are many different ways in which you might want to do this, we’re including three different widths of file type, as well as a few previous versions. We have had excellent results printing these using PLA+ filament on FDM printers like the Ender 3; using eSUN’s Hard-Tough resin on SLA printers like the Elgoo Mars line; and having them printed in nylon by professional printers like MK Machining.

If you make one of these, you will also need an additional pin to assemble it. The Sidecar Spine System will work with almost any 0.25” rod, including standard hinge pins, but you can get extras from us here.

However, we’re not releasing these files just so you can print your own copies of them. All of our open source materials exist for ongoing development and constant improvement. Anything that you build on top of the Sidecar Spine System can be distributed privately, publicly, or commercially.  All the design files exist on GitHub so you can easily create forks and revisions on a platform that supports industry-wide collaboration.



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