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If you’ve ever fired two guns whilst jumping through the air in slow motion, you know firsthand (and second-hand) that the only downside to dual-wielding is the difficulty of comfortably carrying two concealed blasters at the same time. Finally, that problem is solved, with the Sidecar System’s new Dual-Wield Adapter. This limited-edition product is 3D printed out of sturdy Nylon 11 plastic, allowing you to link a lefty and righty Sidecar Holster into a surprisingly comfortable double carry solution. With the extra pivot point and room for red dot optics, this is the comfiest way to double your firepower. And remember, the fastest reload is a second gun.

You can also 3D print your own Dual Wield Adapter. The source files are HERE.


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One Sidecar Dual Wield Adapter.
Note: Spine pins and friction washers are NOT included. Those come with your holster.

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Compatible with all T.REX Sidecar Holster models. Connects one right-handed holster to one left-handed holster.

Materials: 3D printed from Nylon 11 plastic.

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Can I use this to run two Sidecar attachments instead of two holsters?
You sure can. You’ll just need to make sure you have a pin for each attachment. You can purchase those HERE. You’ll want the smallest pin (6 notches, 7 teeth).
Couldn’t I just attach one holster directly to the other? Why do I need this?
In theory, perhaps. But it’s far from ideal. Attaching one holster directly to the other leaves no room for the friction washer, no room for red dot optics, and means your holsters will be vertically offset from each other by at least one Spine tooth. The Dual Wield adapter solves all those problems.

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The Open Source Sidecar Spine System – T.REX ARMS

The Open Source Sidecar Spine System – Video – T.REX ARMS

The New Sidecar Holster Overview – Video – T.REX ARMS

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