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Mantis BlackbeardX

We do NOT plan to restock the BlackbeardX. We will be carrying the original Blackbeard instead. If you would like to be notified when we have those in stock, please sign up on the waitlist above!

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Not everyone needs this. There is a whole world of dry fire training you can be doing that does not require any fancy equipment. But if you’d like to see the nitty gritty details to answer questions like: “What exactly does my barrel travel look like? How long am I on target before pulling the trigger? Where do I speed up or slow down?” the Mantis BlackbeardX is a solid system. In addition to the wealth of data it provides you via the app, the physical construction of the device means that your rifle is totally disabled when it is properly installed. It completely replaces your bolt carrier group and magazine. It also cycles the gun and auto-resets the trigger.

This model (MT-6003) is the green laser version. There is some debate as to whether or not the laser becomes a crutch. The easiest answer to that is: Don’t let it. But, if you’re worried about it you can always tape over the barrel or the BlackbeardX BCG itself to cover the laser.

Dry Fire Principles:
1. It pays to double check you have no live ammo in your mags and gun. Every time.
2. Always follow the 4 Rules of Firearm Safety when dry firing.
3. You WILL fall back on your training. Don’t use unsafe practices just because it’s dry fire.


Blackbeard bolt carrier group; BlackbeardX AR-15 magazine powerbank; carrying case; micro USB charging cord; allen key

Note: Does NOT include a Laser Academy access code. Laser Academy access can be purchased separately in the Laser Academy app or by purchasing a Laser Academy kit. 

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Uses the MantisX app. Download here:

You can read more from Mantis HERE about the MantisX app.


  • Pop the rear pin, remove the bolt carrier group, drop in BlackbeardX, and put the magazine in place to provide the power.


  • For direct impingement and piston driven AR-15
  • Firing chamber independent (compatible with 223/5.56, 300 BLK, 6.8 SPC, etc.)
  • Compatibility cannot be guaranteed on 80% Lowers


  • MT-6003 Green Laser: 520 nm, 60ms, Class 3R
  • Made in the USA.

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Android MantisX App – Google Play

iOS MantisX App – Apple App Store

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