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BCM PNT Trigger Assembly AR-15

This product is regulated by ITAR. It can only be shipped in the USA.

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The BCM PNT Trigger is an excellent addition to any rifle, whether it’s a new build or you’re just replacing that clunky old Mil-Spec trigger. The polished nickel teflon finish significantly reduces creep and eliminates the grit most Mil-Spec triggers are known for. The PNT also features full power hammer and trigger springs, ensuring reliability no matter what ammo you are using.


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One BCM PNT Trigger Assembly; including springs and trigger pins

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  • BCM quality, modern manufacturing, and aerospace coatings
  • Precision machined Mil-Spec AISI 8620 investment casting
  • BCM PNT trigger and hammer undergo a 3-step heat treat and case hardening
  • Sear engagement surfaces ground and hand-polished for reduced friction
  • Electroless nickel finish for a smooth trigger pull and corrosion resistance
  • Teflon particles embedded in nickel coating for added friction reduction
  • Impact-resistant trigger and hammer pins with superior tolerances
  • BCM Disconnector stamped from 1070 material and double-disc ground
  • Processes and tolerances matched for superior performance

Made in the USA.

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BCM products cannot be shipped outside of the US.

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