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SureFire Comply Canal Tips for EP7


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The SureFire EP7s are a great option for someone looking for minimalist in-ear protection. These are replacement tips, made out of a memory-foam material, that provide an acoustic seal with 28-30dB noise reduction. To swap them out, simply pop off the old ones and push these on while twisting.

We recommend using any in-ear hearing protection in conjunction with over-ear hearing protection.


Three pair of SureFire Comply Canal Tips for EP7 Earplugs

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  • Official replacements for the disposable memory-foam tips used by EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra and EP10 Sonic Defenders Ultra Max earplugs
  • Provides a 28-dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) when properly installed on EP7s and used as directed
  • Provides 30-dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) when properly installed on EP10s and used as directed
  • Ultra-soft memory foam delivers all-day comfort and less irritation and/or ear canal fatigue
  • Ergonomic design features sleek, tapered shape for deeper insertion and acoustic seal
  • Body-heat activated for easier insertion and secure fit
  • Flexible threaded core makes installation easy and secure. Tip replacement (recommended every 2-4 weeks or when soiled) is simply a matter of unscrewing the old tip and screwing on a new one

Made in the USA.

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SureFire products cannot be shipped outside of the US.

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Hearing Protection – Video – SureFire

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