T.REX Thigh Strap Overview

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Introduction (00:00):
As traditional drop-leg holsters have gone out of fashion and out of trend, running double leg straps and putting holsters lower on the leg, a lot of people have transitioned to running a single strap, set up to a Safariland UBL, very similar to this. This has been a very successful product that we have been selling for a few years and setting up for people when they go to order a UBL + QLS + Thigh Strap + Ragnarok, what a lot of them don't realize is we actually set that up for them in the shop. And it looks like this.

Thigh Strap Updates (00:27):
Well, something we've been working on for the past few months and actually something that I dabbled with years ago was coming up with a way to position the thigh strap even lower on this particular setup. Because the issue with this right here is because the thigh strap is positioned here between the bolts of the UBL that puts the strap very high up on the leg. This can cause issues if you start to crouch, move around, it can kind of dig places where you don't want it. So what we started working on is a few different ways of moving the strap lower. Years ago I made a Kydex piece that would actually articulate and swivel. That was successful, but it had a few issues positioning the strap really far down as it would pull the holster depending on you know, how skinny someone is, it would actually pull the holster, pull the entire belt down.

So what we've actually come up with—and this is a update to all of our thigh straps—is a version that has a grommet positioned here on the material itself with some scuba webbing. Basically what this does is this allows you to now position the thigh strap lower, but it's still on the hardware on the UBL itself to support the weight of the handgun, but it helps position the thigh strap about 1" lower. So you have a little bit less discomfort as you're doing different things, but it's still high enough on the leg to support the weight of the handgun. So what I wanna do is show you guys how to set this up and then show you guys how I have mine rigged up and how it kind of works. So let's get to it.

How It Works (03:04):
So what I have going on here is I have two rubber washers here at the top of the QLS. This is to help even it out because obviously I have some elastic and some scuba webbing that is sandwiched between the QLS and the UBL. So it's just to help even it out, prevent the holster from, like, being directed towards the UBL. Something that's important to note is don't try to install the thigh strap on this side of the UBL. There's gonna be too much friction. It's not gonna swivel well enough. It's really best to have it in between the QLS or between a holster—if you are actually skipping the QLS and just direct-threading the holster to the UBL itself—it's best to sandwich it. The hardware's included so that you can set it up.

So I wanna show you guys how I have mine set up right here. So I obviously have the thigh strap positioned with the grommet in between, just like I talked about. I position the female side, obviously facing out in the front. It just makes it the easiest to really put on. So there I'm good to go. And as you guys can see, this can swivel as I start to move around and as I do things, and that's something that's really important as you start to shoot around cars or barriers or you're crouching doing different things.

The traditional method where you have the thigh strap mounted between the bolts, it would do that to some extent it could flex a little bit, but it really wasn't as good or as comfortable. So this just really helps solve some of those issues, but also get the thigh strap lower so that you don't have a bunch of discomfort. This is an upgrade on all of our thigh straps now. So you don't have to worry about, you know, there's this one, the advanced one versus the old one. And then the other thing to remember is this is still, you know, functioning as a normal thigh strap, even though you have the grommet. So you can still install it in between the bolts, if that's how you wanna run it, have it tall, or maybe you have the low-ride UBL and you might wanna get this strap a little bit higher, closer to the gun. Or if you have a Safariland shroud, you know, single little slit shroud, or double little slit shroud, or you have maybe something from another company, you could still run this thigh strap as a normal thigh strap.

Another thing to note, you guys may see there's a little bit of flex or play in the strap itself in this configuration. We have a large grommet to fit other hardware from other holster companies. And because this Chicago screw that we supply is… This screw is actually torqueing straight down and actually hitting the post that helps prevent it from getting loose. But obviously as soon as this is on your leg and it's actually, you know, it's on your body you're not gonna notice any of that movement. You really only notice that when you're playing with it like this, so that's no concern right there, but it is compatible with other holster companies and that's something that's really important to us. So there you go.