EOTECH G33 and G45 Magnifier Overview

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Video Transcript

Flip to the side magnifiers are a really nice way of adding a little bit more capability to a rifle that just has a standard red dot. For the longest time, 3X magnifiers have been on the market. This is the EOTECH G33. It's a classic. It's one that we've been selling for a while, but recently a lot of different companies started releasing more magnified magnifiers on the market that are still in a pretty small package. And we've tried a bunch of them out there. And one of the ones that is a particular favorite is the new EOTECH G45.

So what you have in the package (it's very straightforward) is the magnifier itself. It is a little bit larger than the traditional G33. It's 2 oz. heavier and it's gonna give you that fixed five power, which is actually really nice on certain builds. It gives you obviously a little bit more push than the standard 3X magnifiers out there. It also comes with a little riser plate. If you wanna put this behind a 1.93 or a lower 1/3rd mount, but if you mount the magnifier directly to the mount itself without the riser plate, that is going to line up really nicely to a optic that is absolute co-witness. So you do have a little bit of options right there, all included in the package.

So I've got two G45s over here that are already set up one with the plate installed. As you can see right here, it's a little bit taller than the one that is just directly screwed onto the mount. You don't need any special tools for this. It is just a Phillips screwdriver, as you could see right there. And I wanna show a couple different builds where this particular magnifier really excels is on a gun (kind of like this) this is a 12" 417 Assaulter. So I have an EOTECH EXPS3 on here. So this gun can be used at close range, but because this is a 7.62 308 gun, I can also take it out to distance. And with this particular optic setup right here,

The G45 and the EOTECH, I've taken this out to 500 meters really easily, really nicely. And it's been a very nice setup for that. You can also, if you have something like this, this is a Scalarworks T-2 on a 1.93 mount, and you wanna run a 5X magnifier This is an 11 1/2" gun. That's where you're gonna wanna install that little plate, throw it on the gun. And that is going to line up nicely with the T-2 so that now you can get that magnification for PID or just for engagement. Now, when… The discussion is when do you choose a G33 know the traditional versus the G45? A lot of that comes down to the purpose behind the rifle and what distances you're thinking of engaging the 5X obviously has less field of view at a hundred meters compared to the G33, because it zoomed in a little bit more so on a shorter barrel rifle such as a 10.3", like this mark 18, or even this 11 1/2" running the 3X G33 might be a little bit better for that build versus a gun that maybe has a longer barrel, maybe a 14.5", Or a 13.9" Or even a gun like this, you know, 12", 308, where you may actually want to engage a little bit easier at a further distance.

And that's where the 5X is really handy. Now why we're not carrying the G43, which is the new version of the 3X magnifier. We have a bunch of 'em. The downside we've had is it is a much shorter Stubbier magnifier and that results in some eye relief issues where now you have to move the magnifier further back. And that starts to get in the way of rear sights you might have on the rifle. So the longer G33, this guy right here, the traditional is a little bit easier to set up on more types of builds and still has good glass clarity and is still good to go. So G33, G45, those are the options that we're currently offering. They both do add a lot of capability to red dot guns. It's just a matter of, you know, how much magnification that you want. What the purpose of the rifle is for. And then slap it on the gun. They both flip to the side when you don't need them and you'll be good to go if you have any other questions, go ahead and email us [email protected].