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Shooters.Global Smart Shot Timer


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The Shooters Global Shot Timer’s volume adjustability and high sensitivity settings make it a great option for training indoors—dry firing in your apartment or live fire at an indoor range. Unfortunately, the upper limit of the beeper volume is not loud enough to make it a great outdoor range option. The display is large and easy to read and will flip up/down orientation depending on the angle at which you hold it. It has a multitude of operation modes—which is both a feature and a drawback. The menu may take some time to get used to, but is very usable once you do. You can set break times, pause times, par times, and sensitivity. 

It will pick up dry fire and suppressed shots much better than a PACT timer. Unlike the PACT timer, it also stores all your shooting data history. You can export this to their app to analyze it. The app has a lot of features that we at T.REX have not used extensively, but they are pretty slick. Augmented reality shooting stage setup, a library of drill and challenge ideas submitted by users, and a platform for engaging with other shooters social-media style.

Be warned that the attachment magnet is not as strong as it needs to be to hold up to a lot of movement. They do provide a lanyard option, but the swinging can sometimes be recorded as shots, depending on what sensitivity you have the timer on.

Shooters Global is a company founded by software developers, and they have an admirable focus on continuous improvement of their products. If you purchase this timer, you will get their latest improved magnetic holder with a channel to increase the timer’s volume capabilities. We only have a fraction of the time spent using this timer compared to the PACT timer, but it does work well for certain use cases. And if that’s yours, the price tag might be worth it to you.


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Shooters Global Shot Timer; standard magnetic holder; U-Grip magnetic holder; USB-C charge cable; lanyard

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  • 2.6” 172 ppi auto backlit reflective display.
  • Adjustable timer sensitivity and volume.
  • USB-C and wireless charging.
  • Memorizes and displays statistics for 100,000 shots.
  • Bluetooth and Drills app integration

Made in Poland.

View their Quick Overview Guide HERE.

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Shooters Global System Overview – Video – YouTube

Drills: Shooters Global Training App – Google Play

Drills: Shooters Global Training App Apple App Store

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