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OTTO NoizeBarrier Helmet Mount Kit


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These mounts are quickly becoming one of our favorites for a few reasons. The proprietary ball-socket design allows quick and reliable swapping of your OTTO headset from the stock headband to the helmet mount in a matter of seconds, extending the capability you get from a single pair of ear-pro and doing away with the need to have a dedicated headset for your helmet. These mounts also provide adequate pressure to maintain a reliable seal, while the integrated lock ensures that the mounts won’t pop out unless you want them to. They feature full 360-degree rotation for flexible mounting and stowing options and have a built-in AAA compartment for spare battery storage.


Two OTTO NoizeBarrier helmet mounts

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  • Patented rail mount frames snap onto pivot point on NoizeBarrier headset earcups
  • Mounts easily in the field without tools
  • Compartment on each mount for a spare AAA battery

Made in the USA.

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