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OTTO NoizeBarrier Range SA


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Your hearing is something worth protecting. The OTTO NoizeBarrier Range SA offers excellent protection while also using outstanding technology to offer maximum situational awareness. The refresh rate is 4 milliseconds (the next best headset on the market is 28 milliseconds). Audio intake from ambient noise is angled at the same angle as the human ear canal, to allow true 360 degree awareness. With most other electronic ear pro, it is common to simply block all ambient noise when a loud noise occurs. But the OTTO NoizeBarrier headset actually takes the loud noise and reduces it to a safe decibel and continues to transmit other ambient noise for continual situational awareness. Offers 75 hours of full attenuation performance from two AAA alkaline batteries and dual speakers that allow comms audio to be heard separately from ambient noises.


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One OTTO NoizeBarrier Range SA headset; Two (2) alkaline AAA batteries; protective bag

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  • The active volume feature allows you to reduce extra loud noises to a safe level with no clipping or shut-down of situational awareness when impulse noises are present.
  • Ear seals snap in for easy field replacement without the need to use tools.
  • The ear cup is designed to fit well with safety glasses.
  • Talk time of 75 hours with 2 AAA alkaline batteries. (All headphones begin too lose performance after 75 hours of use due to how batteries function.)
  • The auto idle shutdown will not degrade with depleting batteries.
  • Offers outstanding hearing protection with an NRR of 23 dB (SNR: 29 dB).
  • May also be configured to connect to a speaker mic or surveillance kit to receive clear, discreet communications and hearing protection in active situations.
  • 4 different volume settings are 4 different options of equalized frequencies.

Made in the USA.

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