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Lanyard systems for night vision devices are very important. After all, they hold the NODs to you. There are a number of excellent ones on the market, but many of them are pricey, and it isn’t always intuitive to hook them up to your night vision device once it’s mounted to the helmet. So we took our original SBL design from a few years ago and made a few tweaks to level it up above the rest.

Specifically, we took our 4 Cell T.REX Battery / Chemlight Holder, which attaches via hook and loop, and added two retention bungee cords to each end. On each retention cord is a mini carabiner clip that can snap directly into the holes of GPNVG, PVS-31, DTNVS, and PVS-14 night vision housings. This makes attaching/detaching the NVG unit from the SBL almost as easy as removing the SBL from the helmet, which is important because it’s generally not a great idea to leave NVGs attached to a helmet in storage.

If you have a night vision unit that doesn’t have retention holes, or the holes are too small like in DTNVGs, you can loop thin zip ties (included) through those holes and attach the mini carabiner to that. The old, traditional method of simply wrapping the lanyard around the unit and tieing it off in a knot of sorts is still an effective method too. The SBL also works great for holding down a battery pack or counterweight, while still providing some storage for CR123, AA, and other small batteries and items.


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One T.REX SBL NVG Lanyard with four elastic cells, two shock cord loops, two mini carabiner clips, two zip ties, and a piece of Velcro loop field with adhesive back.

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– 4 Cell T.REX Battery / Chemlight Holder, made of laser-sealed squadron and 1″ Mil-Spec elastic.
– Adhesive Velcro loop field: 2″ x 4″
– Shock cords: 16″ long (unlooped)
– Zip ties: 4″
– Mini carabiners: Aluminum
– Manufactured by Relyant Solutions
– Made in the USA

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Do I really need a retention lanyard for my NODs? Isn’t my super expensive mount good enough?
Even beefy mounts like the Wilcox G24 can fail, especially as your training takes you into tight structures and dense woodland where the likelihood of hitting something that disengages the mount is higher than normal. The last thing you want to lose or break, from both a financial and operational standpoint, is your night vision. So yes, you do need some type of retention on it. Plus, a tight retention strap can stabilize your night vision unit and remove any wobble / play in the mount.

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