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One Hundred Concepts ButtonBlocker


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We really like everything about the newest addition to the SIG Romeo 4 lineup, the SIG Romeo4XT. There is just one problem with it. The night vision button they added is quite a bit larger than the brightness buttons, making it easy to accidentally put the optic into NV mode. Then, when you try to fix your mistake and exit NV mode, the optic defaults to its highest brightness setting. This situation is, well… less than ideal. So, we asked One Hundred Concepts if they could design something that would solve the problem. Enter the ButtonBlocker. This simple snap-fit shield for the Romeo 4XT provides a shroud for the button assembly, making it much harder to activate the brightness buttons and the problematic NV button accidentally.


  • One Hundred Concepts ButtonBlocker

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  • Shields NV and brightness buttons on the Romeo 4XT to prevent accidental switching
  • Snap-fit design

Made in the USA.

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