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One Hundred Concepts HexCap


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The HexCap from One Hundred Concepts is a simple, snap-fit anti-reflection device that is lightweight, low profile, and durable. The HexCap offers full reflection elimination for anything over 33 degrees from the viewing axis but still has a significant signature reduction to viewers directly in front of the optic. We find these especially useful in applications where you have a top-mounted or offset MRDS.


One One Hundred Concepts HexCap

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  • Ruggedly simple, snap-fit Anti-Reflection Device (ARD)
  • The HexCap completely eliminates any reflection at 33° from the viewing axis and significantly reduces reflections to viewers directly in front of the optic due to its shading effect and light-absorbing surfaces.
  • Low profile while maintaining durability for use in the field. This means maximizing your field of view and minimizing snag points while playing nicely with other optics you want to mount it on or near.

Made in the USA.

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