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One Hundred Concepts LightCap


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The reflector on a weapon light can be a dead giveaway on an otherwise well-camouflaged rifle. The One Hundred Concepts LightCap is a simple yet effective solution to cover up this reflector when your light is not in use while also providing quick access to your light when it is needed. It also mitigates the danger of negligent light discharges that would reveal your position. White light NDs can be catastrophic if you’re running night vision and IR laser/illuminators.


One OHC LightCap; two 12″ lengths of shock cord (Black and Coyote); one ranger band

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  • Acts as a safety against negligent light discharges that would reveal the user’s position
  • Easy-to-flip integral lever allows the user to quickly flip the LightCap off the bezel and deploy the light


Light Model LightCap Size
SureFire M300/340 and M600/640 (U and V models)Small
SureFire M340DFT and M640DFT (Turbo models)Large
Streamlight ProTac Rail Mount HL-XLarge
Cloud Defensive REIN 1.0, REIN 3.0, and OWLLarge
Cloud Defensive REIN 2.0Medium
Modlite OKW/PLH and IR Medium

Made in the USA.

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