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KleenBore Mil-Spec CLP


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CLP has been a mainstay of the firearms industry for a long time now, and for good reason—it just works… Whether you’re performing routine maintenance or you’re out on the range and you need to get a dry gun back up and running, it’s good to have some CLP hanging around. The convenient 1 oz. size with a needle applicator provides a solution you can take pretty much anywhere your gun goes.


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One 1 oz. bottle of KleenBore CLP

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We prefer the needle applicator since it allows you to have a more precise application and helps regulate the application amount. The downside is that the needle applicator is susceptible to damage and can be broken off, so we recommend storing it with that in mind. Wrapping a cloth around it inside a pouch is a decent way to make sure the tip doesn’t break.


  • Proven CLP formula cleans burnt powder residue and other fouling found in the bore, moving parts, and exterior. 
  • CLP provides rust and corrosion protection, reduces friction, and will not break down under extreme pressure or extreme operating temperatures.
  • Originally developed for the U.S. Military and proven in the world’s most extreme conditions.

Made in the USA.

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