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KleenBore Cleaning Rod Set


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Whether it’s part of your supplies at home or a portable cleaning kit you keep in your range bag, a good set of cleaning rods is necessary. These rods from KleenBore have a steel construction and a black oxide finish for long-lasting durability and are excellent for clearing stuck cases.

For a higher-end, more compact cleaning rod solution, you may want to check out the Forward Controls CSR


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One KleenBore Cleaning Rod Set, including three long rods; one short adapter rod; one t-handle rod

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  • Steel rods with a black oxide finish.
  • Rod Accessory Adaptor (#8-36M to #8-32F).
  • Compatible with .22-.45 caliber handguns/rifles.
  • Rods only. Does not include jags, patches, or brushes.

Made in the USA.


Combined Rod Length3x 6.75″ Rods, 1x 2.75″ Rod, 1x 6.5″ Rod (T-Handle)
Usable Length29.5″ Total with Adapter. 26.75″ Without Adapter
Broken Down Length3x 7.375″ Rods, 1x 3.875″ Rod, 1x 8″ Rod (T-Handle)

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