Sidecar Subgun Mag Attachment Overview

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Video Transcript

The latest addition to the Sidecar attachment family is these carriers for SMG magazines. So not only could you run rifle mags, or of course, pistol mags with your Sidecar system. Now you can run an ammunition system for some of the other weapons that you might want to carry with you as you go about your day.

So right here, we have the MPX magazine carrier and all of these are going to be both ambidextrous in the way that you run the magazine. They're gonna be ambidextrous in where you run the clip. And they're gonna be adjustable, very finely adjustable for exactly the level of retention and exactly the draw that you want for your magazines.

We also are supporting a couple of different models, like for example, the CZ Scorpion. Now the Magpul Scorpion mags are a lot slipperier. And so you're either gonna need to tighten this down a lot, or just run those in the rest of your kit and carry the stock mags with you on body. Rounds forward, or rounds away, whatever you find more comfortable.

And speaking of comfort, we of course are supporting the MP5. The MP5 magazines are a little bit less comfortable to wear because they don't have the same followers that some of the other magazines have. But a little bit of tape or some of these rubber Magpul thingies can make them just a little bit more comfortable. Now there are a lot of different styles of MP5 magazine, and there are a lot of different calibers of MP5 magazine. So you're gonna want to adjust your magazine carrier to exactly the level of retention that you want for your different mags. And this one also supports a bunch of other magazine types. So your KP-9, your Stribog, your TP9, all of those work in this mag.

And if you have an interesting SMG collection with maybe some more esoteric magazine types, you can always contact customer support team [email protected] and they can talk to you about wider compatibility issues. But now you have the capability to grab yourself a machine gun (ho ho ho) and your trusty Beretta, and have enough ammunition to fully spread holiday cheer.

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