T.REX Redacted D Zone Target Overview

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Video Transcript

So, what we have here is the T.REX Arms Redacted D Zone USPSA target. I know it's a somewhat long name, but basically what this is, is a USPSA target (we've been shooting these for a while now) where the D zone, the D-scoring zone on a traditional USPSA target, is completely blacked out. So in USPSA that would be considered "hardcover". So it is, you know, no points. You don't get one point from that. It's just completely, you know, it's gonna be zero.

There's a few reasons that we have this target. For one, we have some shooting standards we like to shoot where it's anything inside of the Alpha-Charlie, anywhere inside the non-blacked area is going to be scorable for three gun rules. Also, you know, two, anywhere. It prevents people from, you know, getting away with Charlie-Delta or Alpha-Delta. They actually have to have a little bit higher standard of accuracy and marksmanship while still being able to blaze it as far as you know, being able to paste and score the target.

The other nice thing is it contrasts the target a little bit better if you're shooting it against a brown berm. Now, if you wanna practice shooting a target that is not a high contrast target, then you could shoot a regular USPSA target, or you could even spray paint this one. But for night vision stuff that we do, white light, some of the distance shooting we're doing on paper, not just shooting steel, having high contrast border to kinda draw the eye to where the target actually is is very helpful if you're focusing on marksmanship.

So we have the perforated scoring zones: Alpha, Charlie, the Delta zone is still perforated to show you, you know, what is Delta, if you do wanna actually score that and give yourself a point, cuz you suck, or you know, whatever. But we also have a little letterbox, A box, T zone that is still Alpha, and the Bravo headbox, which used to be considered a Bravo hit, is now part of the Charlie as the new USPSA rules indicate.

On the back of the target, you have the traditional white no-shoot. So if you do wanna run some low percentage targets, all you have to do is flip the target around. If you wanna paste all your shots, hopefully they're, you know, really good. You can go get pasters from the Ben Stoeger Pro Shop. There's a few other places out there that sell 'em by the roll. You can get the fancy little paste gun. You can also get pasters that are black for your hits in the D zone. But we don't, we don't do that. We just use the brown pasters.

This ship's in a box of 50 from TA Targets. These are drop shipped. And they, yeah, they're… Not much more to say about 'em, but this is what we're shooting and they get the job done. But if you have any other questions on these targets, go ahead and email us at [email protected].