When You Can’t Find Plate Carriers & Chest Rigs

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Video Transcript

So as you guys know, it has been very difficult for us to stock enough chest rigs and plate carriers and some of our other kit in order to meet the demand that we have hitting our site and just coming by in general. However, if you're in need of kit, especially with the way things are going right now, there's this really awesome store you can go to where everything's in stock—if you find it—and that's called eBay.

That's where I actually picked up this First Spear chest rig. This is a 7.62 chest rig that I just picked up a few days ago. It was in stock on eBay. It shipped the next day. Because some of these sellers only have a few items and they're able to just turn them around super fast. This plate carrier is from LBT. Now they're not always in stock, but this particular colorway (coyote tan) has been in stock now for a couple weeks and I decided to pick one up to play with.

So if you're in need of a plate carrier, slick armor, a chest rig and your favorite vendor, you know, whether it's T.REX or Spiritus or Crye, or, you know… If you go to some of these websites and you order, you won't get it for months, even though technically they allow you to order and put it in the cart. Go to eBay. Check eBay. There's all kinds of stuff you can get there, get set up with kit, especially if you aren't prepared and you think you really should be prepared for stuff that's going on.

Don't think, "Man, I love T.REX ARMS. I just have to buy T.REX ARMS stuff." No, don't do that. We would much rather you have stuff like this from other people that achieves the same objectives and the same goals than you guys waiting for us to, you know, put something in stock. And then even when we do have stock, there's just so many people that, you know, want that particular piece of gear that it's gonna take a year on some of these products to get everyone, you know, happy to a point where we can actually keep it stocked, just due to the demand right now.

So this is a First Spear chest rig. There's lots like it. Just simple straps that go around the back. In my opinion, they're not as… I don't like them quite as much as like the Ready Rig and you know, that kind of chest rig. But this works. As you can see it just fastens here in the back, goes up on top of the slick armor. If I need to drop this, I can. If I wanna wear the chest rig without the slick armor, I can. You know, nothing's gonna move around too much if I'm wearing it tight with my plate carrier. So it's actually quite effective. And this is just an LBT 6094 slick, which is quite expensive. Also 900,000 rubles. (You know what I'm talking about.) So I don't necessarily recommend this one for the price. It's about $250. But it is kind of cool. It's also a little dated. But if you need stuff, eBay's your friend. Check it out. And everything's in stock, if you find it there.