SureFire M340DFT Mini Scout Light PRO Overview

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This is the M340DFT-TN-PRO, also known as the SureFire Turbo Mini Scout. This is a pretty cool rifle light because it gives you the range capability that a lot of people are looking for in a rifle light, but in a extremely small package and with dual fuel capability, which means you can use a rechargeable battery with it or a standard CR123. In fact, this is the first of its kind—at least of the sort of major light manufacturers out there who are creating a small body weapon light that can run off of a 18350 style battery and with a CR123, which is pretty cool when you think about it logistically. This new SureFire light utilizes their PRO-style mounting solution so it can swivel into whatever position you need it to be for intuition with a pressure switch or just due to the type of rail that you are using and wanting to get it close or further away from your IR lasers or whatever it happens to be. It's just a really nice mounting system that SureFire has created.

So let's go ahead and open this up and see what's in the box. Inside the clamshell, you have the light itself. By default, it is equipped with a Picatinny mounting solution. So on your standard quad rails or maybe you have a Picatinny section that's M-LOKed to the rifle, this can immediately go on there. But what's really nice about this setup is it also includes a M-LOK section, if you wanna mount this directly to your M-LOK rail, which most of you probably have. You also have a small hex Allen key for attaching this to the rail, using the M-LOK nuts. There's also a charging cable that can plug directly into the 18350 style battery that SureFire includes. And you can just plug this into your standard USB chargers and whatnot out there. You can also use the batteries on a standard 18350 charger, like a Nitecore, something like that. But if you want to use the USB or mini USB on there (this is a mini USB) you can also do that as well.

Now on the mini TURBO, specifically, unlike the big-body TURBO or the the big-body PRO lights, in order to swap out from the Picatinny section to the M-LOK, you are gonna have to remove the head of the weapon light because you can't really get a flathead screwdriver in here to undo the screw to be able to swap out your mount or swap out to a Lightbar or something like that. So we are gonna have to unscrew the head of the light.

And then included is a SureFire 18350 rechargeable battery. Now, personally I'm probably going to use CR123s on most of my TURBOs. Just logistically it's very easy to just throw 'em in there when they're dead, throw 'em away. I'm not out trying to save the planet, let's be honest. So I'm gonna be using CR123s for the most part, but if you are interested in recharging your batteries and using the same ones it does come with one, so that is pretty swell. And there is a mini USB charging port right here for the cable to plug right into, like so.

And then to remove this Picatinny mount, let's say I want to throw it on this BCM rifle, I already have one on there, but let's say I want to throw it on there and and M-LOK it. We're just gonna take our screw driver and go to work. Press out, go to work… Punch out, go to work. Sorry, I got it wrong. So it's really simple as that. Remove the one screw (don't lose it). Then we're gonna take our M-LOK. I will save the planet. So then we're just gonna insert that directly into the PRO mount, like so. Drop the screw back through. Such a nice mechanism. Screw it back on. And then based on how tight or loose you have this, you can swivel it on your rifle based on your needs or based on how much you wanna tuck it against the rail or tuck it against your IR laser. Then when you're ready you're like, "Okay, I wanna leave it set up because I'm gonna be using the pressure switch and I want it to be in the same place every time." That's when you just come in here and go, "I'm going to tighten it down." And now it's not gonna swivel anymore.

Let's go ahead and look at the output of the light. So we're gonna go ahead and drop the battery back on, male side facing out. And we also have a couple other PRO lights to compare to right here. So this is the mini body with a 18350 and this is how it is right outta the box. I haven't gone to make sure the battery's fully charged. It's possible I could get a little bit more juice out of it if I did that, but right now out of the box the way that it is, it's dead. Just kidding, just have to screw in the thingy. As you can see, I have a very focused beam for long range target identification or potentially engaging. So that vehicle right there is around… I wanna say around 50 meters away and I can easily see occupants that are inside. And I can really scan, go all the way to the back of the berm back there, which is about 120 meters from here, and I can identify a person someone moving around over there and I'm getting all that juice out of this very small light. So I can run this on a 16 inch gun, run this on even a DMR of some kind, and I'm able to actually punch light out pretty far without adding a whole lot of weight to the gun.

But let's compare to…cuz a lot of folks might go, "Well, hey, SureFire has the TURBO light, but then they also have their standard PRO light that is, you know, not a TURBO. Which one should I get and why?" The traditional M340—or whatever the name is for the Scout lights—is putting out SureFire's traditional fill light, fill beam. It's not a tight sniper beam like this TURBO, it's more of that large wide flood that SureFire is known for. So right now when I activate this—and this is the big-body double CR123 Scout that came out, I guess it was last year—I can see everything. I can see all the cars down range, I can see all the boxes, I can see a target off to the side. I have a lot more information in one go, but I can't really see the occupants inside of that vehicle quite as well. Comparing that to this TURBO, I can't see quite as much of what's going on because it's much more focused, but I can actually see I have a little bit more data on a specific spot compared to the larger light. So it really comes down to what you're looking for. Are you looking for a light that gives you a lot of information in a room as you enter or are you looking for a light that you can use outdoors to scan and look for things? And that's kind of the differences between the two.

And then comparing to the vampire light, if you want IR capability, you know their new PRO vampire lights, again using their new mounting mechanism. I have a fresh battery in here and I'm in the white light setting. It does give me a more focused sort of beam compared to the standard PRO light, but it doesn't have the lumens or even or the Candela to actually be able to produce a whole lot of light down range to identify things. But it does give me IR capability, if that's something I'm looking for, for running night vision and things like that. And these are extremely powerful when it comes to just IR output. It's insane. So TURBO on the vehicle and then we have vampire on the vehicle. And that's comparing a small-body TURBO to the big-body PRO.

But now let's check out the output from a standard CR123 and remove the 18350 and see what kind of output we get. There should be a 10% reduction is roughly what SureFire is saying and to be honest, a 10% reduction based on what it's already doing is fine with me. That is still very impressive for the size of this light. Still very impressive. Can still see inside the vehicle. Can still punch out to the back berm. Can still see that just fine. And that's with a standard CR123 for running on, for example, this rifle. I've got a PEQ-15 on here that runs on a CR123, an EOTECH that runs on a CR123, and my TURBO light also runs on a CR123. So logistically it just makes this entire system much more effective than having a weird rechargeable battery up here. And then I use standard batteries for my other equipment.

If you have any other questions about SureFire products, the new TURBO Lights, or the PRO Lights and which one might be best for you, go ahead and email us at [email protected].