T.REX Battery / Chemlight Holder

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Video Transcript

The product we've been working on for a little over a year now is updating our battery cell holders. So we'll have three sizes here. You have a 4 cell, a 7 cell, and then a 12 cell or a 2 by 6. Couple cool things on this we're using Squadron, so there's no extra sewing around the edges with a binding or anything like that. We're using 5664 elastic. And then the cool part (I think) is the back we're using a new and improved kind of hook. It's a molded tooth, Non abrasive to the skin. Doesn't catch on clothing as much, but when you stick it to a loop field, it has almost double the shear strength as a traditional hook. It will pop off easier if you grab the edge, it's also comes off quieter. Things that this'll fit. You got 18650s, you got your little shorty, the 18350s and your 123s. It'll take your Chemlights, sharpies, AAAs taped together. And it'll even do AAs. It's not super tight on the AAs, but if you run your cell holder like this and put it in that way, won't fall out as easy. So

On the Ready Rig here, we have one we can set up, You know, we take our cell holder. When you do apply these, I suggest you treat it like a ziploc bag, press in the middle and roll out to the edges. That'll really lock it in and you can see It's not going anywhere. We'll even put one of these mambajamas in there. It's not coming off, but if you grab the edge, it'll roll right off. So you can quick change 'em Out. Doesn't make as much noise really cool stuff, this hook we're using. They'll come in various colors… Come in various colors, all three sizes, they'll be sold individually. And one last thing I'll hit on before we close this out is on the single cell or single row ones.

We left enough room right here on the ends to run 550 cord or shock cord through what you can do is actually use this to help retain NODs or a tie down. Once again, start on the end or the middle and roll it. Think of a ziploc. As long as you press it in, you'll be solid. And now I can run my 550 cord or shock cord through that, and I'm not using a cell or using space of a cell. And I can run that shock cord or 550 cord up to the NODs mount or my nods. However you wanna run it. All right. That's the T.REX ARMS battery cell holder update.