T.REX Lightbar PRO Mount Overview

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PRO Lightbar Overview (00:00):
As some of you all know, the new SureFire line of lights is utilizing the new PRO-style attachment method. It's a small swively hole that is built into the light itself. When you purchase one of these new SureFires, it comes with a mount that allows an M-LOK and Picatinny. It allows the light to swivel on the rifle so you can get a really nice fit against certain kinds of rails, your IR lasers. You have a really nice package right out of the box that isn't just your standard SureFire Picatinny mount. Now, if you wanna use something like the Lightbar or some other aftermarket type of attachment for these new PRO-style SureFire lights, you either have to get PRO adapters or buy PRO-specific attachments. So in this case, we have the Lightbar and this is a PRO-specific Lightbar. And what that means is

This will only accommodate the PRO series of light that utilize that little hole that allows the light to actually swivel on the mount itself. This is not compatible with standard SureFire two hole and the legacy type lights or all the other aftermarket out there. That are utilizing the same method. This is only for SureFire PRO lights. I'm sure there's gonna be people that accidentally order this thinking and they use it on other lights. It won't work. So basically the way this works is I have a CQBR right here a MK18. And I have the Lightbar attached on this side of the rail that is pushing the light further out so that I can minimize my suppressor shadow which is the original intention behind the Lightbar. And because it is on a PRO mount, I could swivel it as you could see to one side and another. And when I'm done placing it in its particular location, I can tighten down the center screw here, which is a standard flathead, and then the light isn't going to move, but I can position it down here at the bottom if I want or I can position it up here at the top. So let's go ahead and mount one of these, to this MCX over here.

PRO Lightbar Installation (02:03):
So as you can see here, the standard SureFire PRO light has the Picatinny mount installed. So it's already ready to go on a MK18 or some or other quad rail out there. It's really nice. But in this case, I have an MCX with a suppressor and I wanna push the light a little bit further out there. I have a little bit more room for my support hand. Since the stock on this rifle does fold to the left side. I wanna keep the light on the left side. And so this is on this particular weapon. This is where the Lightbar is going to be a really nice addition. So first off, we're going to remove the standard SureFire mount. We're gonna be utilizing the same screw that comes with the SureFire. So all we're gonna do is ditch the SureFire mount, wanna keep it, but you know, not gonna need it. And we are going to position this. This is obviously ambidextrous because the light can swivel, but we are gonna go ahead and drop that in through the center. See, see how it works. Very cool. Tighten this down.

So we're gonna tighten this down a little bit more once we get it onto the gun and really decide whether we want it in the sort of bottom position or whether we want it tilted up to the top and where you might wanna do that on a rifle like this is you wanna utilize the standard SureFire pressure cap, or if you go get something else like the Arisaka and you actually wanna manually hit that, swiveling it up into the top position probably would be a little bit easier. But in this case, I'm actually gonna use a pressure switch. So I may run it on the bottom, but we'll see we're gonna utilize a torx to loosen the rail mount. This is the Picatinny Lightbar, loosen those up. And I already have my Picatinny section on the MCX on the left side of the gun.

Some of ya'll might realize that this is a KeyMod rifle. We do not make this particular Lightbar for KeyMod. So you can get a standard KeyMod Lightbar and get the adapter. If you wanna do that, or you can, you know, use Picatinny section instead, or just throw the whole gun away and get a… Get a new one. Just kidding. KeyMod's fine. So there we have the Lightbar that is attached nice and tightly to the piece of quad rail or Picatinny section I should say. And now I can really decide, you know, what do I wanna do with the light? Probably don't wanna leave it just in the center line position, because that does start to be pretty wide as far as in relation to the gun. So we're gonna go ahead and do it on the bottom (Because, hey, why not?). Going to remove the pressure rear switch, add the SureFire DS00 which gives you a pressure button for redundancy in case your pressure switch, fails pressure pad, ST07 pressure pad. Clip that sucker in. We're gonna route that up here somewhere with velcro, and then we'll zip tie to ensure that it actually stays on better. Doesn't come flying off. And that's the setup right there. And then once I have the light in the right position, I can tighten it down.

And now that sucker's not going anywhere and I have this on the left side of the gun, so that when I fold the stock, I've got everything on one side of the gun, which makes bag use a little bit easier. I could put, you know, be drawing the gun on this side of the rifle, inside the bag. So there's less snagging that is occurring. And I have enough room here with my support arm to be able to use the rifle without, you know, a giant weapon light here on this side, in the way, and activate with the pressure switch to turn it on. And that is the PRO Lightbar. If you have any other questions, go ahead and email us [email protected].