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T.REX Scout PRO Mount Adapter


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The T.REX Scout PRO Mount Adapter allows you to take a SureFire Scout Light PRO and mount it to any (original) SureFire Scout Light mount on the market. The nice thing about attaching a SureFire Scout Light PRO to a mount such as the T.REX Lightbar is it pushes the light body further forward on the rail and still allows you to articulate it to create a tighter “tuck” into the rail or suppressor. This “thins” the overall footprint of your weapon system, even if only by a bit, frees up rail space, and eliminates suppressor and barrel shadow.


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One T.REX Scout PRO Mount Adapter.

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This only works with the SureFire Scout Light PRO series of lights.
MaterialsAluminum with black adonized finish.
ManufacturerArisaka Defense. Available exclusively through T.REX ARMS.
Country of OriginMade in USA

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What’s wrong with the mount that came with my SureFire Scout Light PRO?
Nothing, they are great mounts. This adapter will really only benefit you if you’re using a Scout mount designed to push the light out further. Otherwise, the SureFire Low-Profile Mount included with the Scout Light PRO will work great and you’ll have no need to adapt.

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