Red Dot Pistol Backup Irons Drill

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Video Transcript

Hey guys. So something that I don't see a lot of people doing, and it's something that I need to work more on, is training with backup irons on a pistol that has a red dot. So if you have your carry gun or your carry optics gun, whatever it is, and you have a set of backup irons, it's something you should train with. And basically, the easiest way to do it, just turn your optic off and then run a drill with just the irons.

So what I'm gonna do, I have our cadence target. So I have six consistent circles of the same size. I'm gonna shoot red dot on the normal brightness that I would want for right now with it being overcast. And then I'm gonna shoot six rounds, different string of fire, iron sights only. So I'll turn the optic off. And I'll turn the optic back on, do six, irons six, and so on. And I can see what my accuracy is like, I can see what my time's like, and then I'm just getting some good reps that way. So let's do this.

So my five yards are gonna be starting red dot first, then transitioning to iron. Six rounds off the buzzer. Alright, dot off. Minus buttons. Good to go. That was a 3.50. Stand by. Threw one low, the rest are in. And that was a hard front sight focus. I wasn't hard target focusing on that. It was a 4.38. So I guess a good second slower. Back to red dot. All in. That was a 3.29. Now irons. This time we'll hard target focus. So, all, uh… Yeah. All in. Hard target focus. That was 3.49. So only two-tenths of a second slower than red dot. Now let's go back to red dot. Good. All in. It's a 2.87. Yep. I'm good to go. Now, irons. I'll do hard target focus again. All right. And that's one on the line. That was in 3 flat.

So I started out hard front sight focus with my irons through my RMR. Horrible time. Not so good accuracy. Started focusing on the target, still lining my irons a little bit better at this range, target of this size, target at this distance. All in. It's on the line. In. That was in. That was a 2.80 something, and that was 3 flat with irons. So really good thing to practice. Definitely, if you're running a carry gun, a carry optics gun, you got irons, train with them. Get good. So if you draw that pistol and you're out of battery, or maybe it's too dim, you weren't adjusting it throughout the day, or whatever, you're good to go. You can switch to those irons. You get good, accurate hits. So hope that helps.