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One Hundred Concepts Chemlight Kit


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The One Hundred Concepts Chemlight Kit is a simple and effective way to store chemlights on your kit while keeping them organized and camouflaged. This kit includes six pull tabs in two different variations (smooth and serrated) to allow easy identification of multiple colors, even with gloved hands. These kits are specifically designed and recommended for use with Cyalume Chemlights.


ChemlightKeeper; six pulltabs (3 serrated and 3 smooth); two threaded keychain cables

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  • Comes with six pull tabs for quickly ripping chemlights out of the keeper.
  • The kit includes two variants of pull tabs: serrated and smooth edge, allowing you to distinguish between multiple colors of chemlights by feel.

Made in the USA.

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The One Hundred Concepts Chemlight Kit being used with a Speed Belt and Cyalume Chemlights

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