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North American Rescue’s Elastic Wrap Bandage is a 15 ft. long, latex-free, stretchable bandage that can serve several purposes—wrapping packed wounds, dressing burns, securing splints, or making an improvised sling. The hook closure makes these bandages easy to adjust and apply without using clips.


One North American Rescue Elastic Wrap Bandage (rolled)

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  • Latex-free Elastic Wrap Bandage designed to provide support and compression
  • Hook Closure enables the bandage to be wrapped easily and secured without clips
  • Ideal for securing hot/cold packs, splinting, sprains, strains, swelling, and general soreness

Made in Singapore.


Packaged Dimensions (rolled)4 Inch: Diameter 2 in. x W 4 in.
6 Inch: Diameter 2 in. x W 6 in.
Bandage Dimensions4 Inch: W 4 in. x L 5 yd (fully stretched)
6 Inch: W 6 in. x L 5 yd (fully stretched)
Weight4 Inch: 1.5 oz
6 Inch: 2.1 oz
NSN4 Inch: 6510-01-171-5130
6 Inch: 6510-01-532-6522

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North American Rescue products cannot be shipped outside of the US.

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