Scalarworks Scope LEAP 30mm Mount

Ships in 1-8 business days

The Scalarworks Scope LEAP is our preferred scope mount. Here’s what we love about it:
It’s light. It’s built like a tank. It’s extremely fast and easy to level (this is a painful process for most scopes). And it has a solid Quick Detach system that retains zero better than any other mount we’ve seen. As far as scope mounts are concerned… this is the cream of the crop. This Scope LEAP fits 30mm scopes with two variations to choose from: Standard 1.57″ and 1.93″.

Vortex Razor HD on a Standard 1.57″ (left) and 1.93″ (right) Scope LEAP Mount.

While the price tag might cause some customers to question a purchase, it’s important to remember that how you mount your optic to your rifle is VERY important. You get what you pay for. If your mounting solution fails when you need it, then you may as well have not had an optic in the first place. Quality mounting solutions for optics and other equipment like night vision are essential. Don’t skimp.

Which height should I get? Standard or 1.93″?
The Standard 1.57″ height works great if that’s what you’re used to, but we typically prefer the 1.93″ option as it allows for more of a “heads up” posture, especially when shooting while moving, and makes scoping with pro masks and respirators much easier.
What about 34mm scopes?
Scalarworks does make a 34mm version of this, but we don’t currently use many 34mm scopes. Since we only sell what we personally run and gun with, it doesn’t make much sense for us to carry it. We do have some for testing and they’re as awesome as the 30mm version. So, whatever size scope you have, you can’t go wrong with this product.

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