What is METT-TC Part 2: Mission

Mission (METT-TC)

We are now diving into each mission variable of METT-TC, starting with the M. In this video, my intent is to drive home the point that METT-TC is not a decision-making tool to influence gear setups or loadouts, but it is a tool to influence the actions you will be taking. It is your estimate of the situation at hand, what variables are at play, how they influence what you are trying to do and finally, how can you change any variables in your control to gain an advantage.

Mission seeks to answer the 5 W’s (Who, What, Where, When, and Why). The Why is arguably the most critical component which will allow you to make decisions on the fly to fulfill your end goal. If you do not know why you are setting out to accomplish a task, it is likely you will fail in accomplishing the end goal if and when the situation changes.