PDW Shooting Techniques

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Video Transcript

So I wanna show a couple little techniques for shooting a PDW, such as this or a little, sub-machine gun set up as a pistol. So there's no stock, no nothing. So the first technique is generally people just grab it, whether they have a foregrip or just fore-end and they just push the gun out and they find the sights and they shoot. So I have a USPSA target here at 10 yards. We're gonna do five rounds. I wanna see what happens. Stand by.

Using my dominant eye cause I'm cross eye dominant. So I am still pushing my head over to center my left eye with my body, and then I'm taking my shots. That was a 3.14, looks like we have an alpha, an alpha, an alpha, an alpha, and an alpha. Sweet, all alphas, nice and smooth and consistent in three seconds. Now the recoil management is not great because I have no point of contact with my body. I have no stock. I have nothing of that nature. It's just a gun in my hands doing a whole lot of this. So if you take a one point sling such as this, and this is where one point slings are great on guns like this MP-5k, this SP89, I take this is our T.REX Sling, and it's just QD here to the rear. I'm going to tighten this down.

And I know kind of roughly where I need to be. And what I'm gonna do now is I'm actually going to be pushing the gun to the point where the sling is going to be tight against my neck. And I have the inside pad of the sling itself riding against my actual jaw bone and my cheek. So I'm kind of getting a cheek weld as it were as if I was shooting a rifle. So I'm literally just driving the gun out to where it's tight. So I have basically one extra point of contact to my body, to my core as if it were a stock. It's not as good, but it, it works. So that time was a 3.14 all alphas. Now let's do it with the sling tension. Stand by. Alrighty. That was a 1.87 cooking with gas. And we've got, it's a nice little group. I did drop one down here, but alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, and alpha. So we have very good group comparable to what I had before. But that was in 1.87 as opposed to a 3.15, or was a 3.14. So little things like this running a small gun can be very helpful, can act sort of, kind of like a stock versus just holding the gun out there and letting it do its thing.