Pistol Recoil Management Drill

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Horrible reload. All right. Doubles at 10 using stock irons. My first couple groups, my hands were all over the place. So the way this drill works—great drill from Ben Stoeger and the guys, the nerds over there at PTSG… Practical training, however you say it—But basically what this drill shows me is what my… How loose or bad my grip is based on recoil management, because what we have here is a set of two rounds. I'm letting the gun recover for my first shot. These are all my first shots right here. They're really nice, really solid. That's exactly where I'm looking. I should have been looking here. I was looking more down here and my second shot—which I'm pressing as fast as I can, regardless of where the gun is and how it's recovered—are here. So I literally fire one shot, shot here. One shot, shot here. One shot here. One shot here. One shot here. Not great. Ultimately what we want is all these follow up shots or recoil management and the gun, you know—being consistent and just rising high. And then coming back down—need to be in this area right here, not flashing off to the side. That means I'm putting too much input into the gun gripping too tight with my right hand, pushing too much with my left hand. And that's why we have these little guys out here, which are my second shot. These are all my first shots. Great drill to do, to check your grip and your recoil management. It is not a drill to get better at your double taps. Which is originally what I thought this drill was for. It's a drill for assessing your grip and what's going on with that. So using stock Glock sighs, and my last couple reps were good in here, because I fired eight reps total. I have six that are out. So my last two felt pretty good sight was rising and falling center. And so now I can do this again a couple more times. try to tighten that group up and do that until I don't fail like this. And that's how you get better at gripping the pistol. Just one way.