Aimpoint CompM4s Red Dot Sight Overview

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The Aimpoint Comp M4s is an excellent option. If you're looking for a red dot that you wanna drop onto a rifle and not have to worry about anything else about the optic, you don't really need to be concerned about the battery life. You don't really need to be concerned about it breaking when you're dropping it or doing things with it. Or maybe you're putting it on a rifle where you don't want to concern yourself with having backup irons, but you want something that's extremely robust. It comes ready to go outta the box with the QRP2 mount and spacer already installed. The only thing you're gonna need to do is drop the battery in, put it on the rifle and you're good to go. Uh, basically what this spacer does is it elevates the optic to a height that's in between lower third and absolute co-witness.

It's not one or the two. It's kind of that nice little middle ground, uh, in between both. Uh, now if you wanna go to a 1.93 or an actual lower third and bring the iron sights all the way to the bottom, uh, there are companies like SKD that make uh, spacer options such as the one on this MCX over here that is a lower third. And then you can get a 1.93 spacer and you can get 'em all the way up to 2.24, some of those crazy trendy, really tall, uh, heights out there. And then that spacer will also work with the Aimpoint PRO as well. But basically what you have right here is you have the quick detach uh, knob that's ready to go slap right onto your rifle. It does have

This bikini cover deal, which why you would use this, I have no idea. I'm gonna leave that in the box and not use it. It also comes with a kill flash if that's something that you're into or something you are concerned about, um, giving away your signature and avoiding detection. But this little guy right here can screw right off of the optic if you don't want that. And then you can obviously put it away and then when you want to have it, there's the threads on the inside and it's gonna thread right on. I will say it does make everything just like a kill flash on an ACOG or other optics out there, appear a little bit darker. Uh, so you know if that's something you don't like, remove it, otherwise

Just leave it on there. One of the nice things with this optic is you have a couple options right out of the box. You can run it in its current configuration that in between lower third and absolute co-witness or you can actually go up under here, remove these two hex screws right here and you can actually, uh, pop the spacer off, drop the optic a little bit lower, which can make, makes this optic a little more, uh, reasonable on a weird sort of a gun like a G3 or an FAL or MP5, uh, versus having the optic sitting really tall. So you do have a couple options outside, right just right out of the box, which is something I appreciate about this optic. But let's go ahead and mount to a rifle and see what it looks like. So we're gonna loosen the knob all the way and I'm gonna be mounting this all the way forward on the upper receiver so that I can still use uh, magnifiers cuz this is a bulkier optic. You're definitely gonna wanna run it all the way to the front with the QRP2 mount. You wanna hear three audible clicks

If you can. Two, three very uh, tough to do but then you know what's on there to stay. It's not gonna be coming off. So the optics ready to go. The only thing now is battery. There's a small old diagram here that shows which way the battery needs to go. Thank goodness unlike some night vision out there. And uh,

Drop that sucker in. I will say one of the things that's nice about this optic and it is really one of the selling points to this is it takes a AA so really the most popular battery out there all over the world. That's why uh, military organizations really like this optic just for the logistical uh, reasons versus something like, you know, the Aimpoint PRO that takes a weird little battery, uh, and some of the other optics out there. One of the differences with this particular Aimpoint, uh, comp uh, model is the battery compartment is actually down here on the bottom. This is something Aimpoint started doing only just a few years ago. The older model such as this one right here had the battery compartment up top. Uh, the downside to that and it's, this is very minor, but when I did notice when I was shooting and moving, you know, left to right doing target transitions and things like that, just having all of that bulk up high kind of where you're looking, um, you know, it's not a problem when you've never used one with a battery compartment on the bottom, but as soon as you've used an Aimpoint where they position the battery compartment lower down to the receiver of the rifle, uh, you could just see a little bit more.

So that's something that I really like about the newer models that put the battery compartment way down here. You could see just a little bit more over the optic if you're in a low ready position, uh, versus having it all the way up on the top. So that's pretty cool if you're thinking about running a magnifier with a optic, there are a couple things to take into consideration. Depending on what magnifier you have, you may not be able to fit the optic, the magnifier and a rear sight altogether on the same little upper receiver as your M4. So what I have right here is a uh, knight's rear sight that takes up one slot of picatinny plus it kind of overhangs. And I have an EOTech G33 uh, magnifier and this guy right here, uh, in combination with the red dot and the iron sight, not everything is going to fit when it comes to the height of the magnifier itself.

Uh, if I'm running something like the G45 or the G33, I am not going to need the spacer installed. You wanna have the spacer for something like a 1.93 optic or something like that. The stock height configuration is going to work, uh, just fine. So let's see what that looks like. So it lines up just fine. This is sort of that uh, hybrid lower third absolute co-witness sort of a height, but the G33 magnifier and the standard height is going to uh, flip over, uh, just fine. And then there's barely any room back here as you can see for an iron sight. But that's the nice thing about this red dot. You don't really need iron sights with this particular uh, optic. One of the major selling points, this particular optic is all of the night vision compatible settings. There are 16 different brightness modes for this optic.

So what's nice about that is when you're, you know, playing with ultra bright cuz it's super sunny out and you want to just, you know, tune it down a little bit, you're not making huge jumps in brightness where sometimes it's too bright and sometimes it's too dim. You actually have a lot of variance in the brightness of the optic that you can really calibrate and configure based on what you're doing. But because of that too, the battery life on this optic is quoted by Aimpoint at two different levels. You've got 80,000 hours which is crazy for uh, a lower brightness mode that you can't really see unless it's like nighttime and then they quote three years at those higher brightness modes, uh, that you're gonna see on a full, you know, sun sunny day or you know, overcast but it's daylight out. So, uh, a realistic expectation battery life for the optic if you are leaving it on in your house at all times on position 14 or 15, not full brightness but like one or two clicks down from there, which is typically what I do with my Aimpoints.

Uh, you're looking at probably around four years on a single AA uh, that's pretty cool. It's not an optic. You really need to be turning off and you know, conserving battery cuz it's a AA, you can just slap those in there. I do recommend you run lithiums though and not alkaline, um, for optics and higher end equipment in general. Uh, but that's something that's really nice about this optic and why a lot of folks out there prefer to choose this over some of the other optics out there is it's extremely rugged, it's just extremely durable. It takes a AA battery, it's got crazy battery life. Uh, it is really a fire and forget optic, throw it on the gun, zero it, you don't really ever have to worry about it again. And for some folks they prefer that over something they have to mess with a little bit more. So that's the Comp M4S And if you have any other questions, go ahead and email us at [email protected].