Bag Gun Setup Tips

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Video Transcript

So let's talk about optimizing a bag-rifle or truck-gun, whatever you wanna call it, that's gonna be stowed, hopefully in a smallish bag that doesn't cause too much suspicion. Which in order to carry an AR-15, you know, with a 10.5" barrel, 10.3" barrel in a smaller bag, what you're really gonna have to do is either break the gun down completely from the lower or run something like the LAW folder right here, which brings it down to a pretty small size of about 22-ish inches. Which again, it's still hard to find bags for that. But this is the Eberlestock Cherry Bomb bag which can fit most of these types of guns like this. But there's a couple things that we wanna make sure with this gun that's going on to optimize the build.

The first thing is we need a stock that is slim, that's not gonna be super fat. So fat stocks would be stuff like the B5 Sopmod, you know, it's got the extra big cheek area. The Vltors. This is a, you know, retro CAR-15 stock from, I think, Brownell's from their retro line. And as you can see, nice and slim. It isn't gonna cause any issues. We're gonna need a sling that can be stowed to the gun or separate because you don't want the sling snagging on stuff in the bag. So in this case I've got our sling with the shock cord keeper, boom, like that. And then the stock folds on top of that. So we're good to go.

The other thing to think about because the LAW folder folds on the left side of the gun, having the size issue right here of big light on this side, stock on this side, when it goes to actually indexing the rifle into the bag you get some sort of weird fitment stuff going on. You've got a big fat light here, the stock right here. It's just not a very good fit. So what I prefer to do when it's possible, like on an MCX or whatever, is making sure that my light is on the same side as the stock that's folding. So we're going to move this sucker over.

So now we have the light on this side of the gun. I can still get a pretty good firing grip. I can still activate the light with the pressure switch here on the side. And it is now all condensed on the same side of the gun. So now when I go to stow it in the bag, it is all neatly on one side, which keeps the bag a little more streamlined. It will also keep the draw streamlined as well. I don't have that whole bulk on this side of the gun catching, everything that I have inside the bag, such as these two magazines.

And then the other thing that I'm going to want, if possible, is a 20 round magazine. This is not going to fit in this bag, especially with this 1.93 Aimpoint PRO. I'm gonna need a shorter magazine. So my starter would be a 20 rounder. Otherwise, you know, I get this out and then have to grab one of these magazines, deploy the sling, chamber a round, and now I'm set. I'm good to go. But if I have that 20 round mag, I'll be a little bit faster. So that's just a couple little things if you're building out a bag gun to think about. The LAW folder is, more or less, essential to get this to fit in more types of bags. Otherwise, you're gonna have to split the upper from the lower, and that is going to obviously increase your deployment speed by quite a bit. Deployment time, I should say. It won't be speed. So there we go.