Shooting From Barricade Basics

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All right. So we're gonna talk about shooting off of obstacles and barriers. So just like in call of duty, basically you come up to the barrier instead of just shooting around it freehand like this. If I have opportunity to actually get extra support off the side of the barrier, I will simply take this hand jump right on there. Grab the handguard—I don't obviously wanna grab near the barrel or anything like that—Grab the handguard, so now I have a point of contact between this stable object provided it doesn't wobble, and that also allows it…

Recoil a little faster, just like I can call of duty. (I wonder who they got that from) And there's a couple little techniques there if you have like vertical grips, you can get behind those, pull the gun into the vertical grip, which you do have. So in this case, you can actually run the vertical grip in front and then actually pull the gun into that vertical grip and shoot from here. What we're gonna be doing is working all four of these barriers. You're basically gonna shoot on one side of the barrier, bring the gun around. So you're gonna basically mount to this side of the barrier, hit a steel safety the gun because you're bringing your eyes out of the optic. Other side of the barrier. I like to bring the stock up over my shoulder so I can like clear the space of this barrier.

Otherwise I'd have to go down and that slow or go up and that slow. So all I'm gonna do is break the stock. Get up on here, take my stock break, stock safety, come back out, hit a new piece of steel and then move to the next barrier. And I will then get on one side, get a hit one side, get a hit. Safety. Move to the next barrier we'll do all four. You can switch up standing and kneeling. When I kneel around a barrier, what I try to do is have—it feels more natural to do this right here and have this leg like your left side, (depending on which side the barrier you're on) Basically you drop the knee on the side, you're shooting on, but the problem with doing this is if you come up behind me and push me, I'm gonna roll out outside of this cover or concealment, whatever it is— so what I try to do is have my strong leg or my leg that's going to match up with this side of the barrier. So in this case, right side will be my right leg. Left side will be my left leg. This allows me to get back into cover or swap to this side a little easier and I can push off of it.

So we will do some standing on the side, kneeling on the side. We won't bother with any prone or anything like that. But when I kneel on this side or in general, I can get an extra point of contact so I can have one hand on the barrier to do my bracing (mounting on the barrier) and then I can do my other elbow on the inside of my knee right here. And then I have very good recoil control and accuracy and marksmanship in general. Any questions on that? Just like that. Go ahead and send a couple of rounds.

Yep. And then go ahead and kneel down on this side. So it'll be so right here. So if you feel this, you have a floating elbow. There you go. Drop a little lower one extra point of contact.

So lower than this or?

so what I like to do is actually try to, instead of doing elbow to so bone to bone…


Which is, you know, tip of your elbow, tip of your knee. I actually try to get on the inside. This works too, but I actually usually go to the inside of my leg like this versus being on top. Yeah. That works as well.

So push against.

Yep. Nice. Alright. Let's go ahead and run it. Okay, next side. Hit. Next side. There you go.


Remember your safety. There you go. Good. That was a miss, but you're fine.

Oh, I thought I saw a spark.

No just keep going. Okay. Next side. Kneel for this one. Opposite knee. Switch knees, switch knees. Have that extra support. Get nice and low. Good, stay kneeling transition to the next one. Good, good support. Hit. Nice.