SureFire M340C Mini Scout Light PRO Overview

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Video Transcript

New PRO Mounting System (00:00)
So, what I have here is the new style of SureFire light. Now this does have a new name compared to the older M300 series of lights. This is the M340C, but the reality is this is essentially a M300 Ultra or M300C that simply has a new mounting interface.

So the primary changes to this light. They haven't, you know, changed the candela or lumens, or whatnot, but they did change the mounting interface that these lights are using. So they're not using the traditional two-hole pattern that you see on, you know, all of the SureFires out there right now, or at least most of them and all the other aftermarket lights as well. What you have instead is this little swivel system (which they're calling the PRO style basically) where you have one bolt here through the center that tightens the tension, basically, of how easily the light will rotate, or you can lock it down all the way so that it doesn't rotate at all. And then by removing the bolt, you can actually interchange different mounts that utilize the same little hole, basically, to change out the type of mounting that you have to use for, you know, what kind of rail you're putting the light on.

Mount Options (01:07)
So in this case, it comes with—and this is pretty cool—out of the package it comes with both 1913 Picatinny which is default-mounted to the light, and then also M-LOK. So you are pretty much good to go out of the box for most rifles on the market. There are some lights being made by other companies. We have an adapter for the Lightbar. So if you do want to mount your new SureFire PRO series of light to your traditional two-hole, you know, mounting attachments, that is something you'll be able to do using adapters like this, or waiting for companies to come out with different versions of their mounts for the PRO hole.

Mounting to a Rifle (01:44)
So let's talk about taking this light… we'll use this tan one. By default it comes with a Picatinny attachment attached to the light, but we are going to remove that because I have a M-LOKed MCX right here. And I want to mount this light to the left side of the gun, where my thumb is going to be able to articulate the button. So we're going to remove the center bolt.

And in this case on the M300 style, you will have to remove the head of the light—not a big problem—to be able to get the screw to actually come out, come off. So the screw is removed. The bolt mount is removed and the new mount is simply dropped in. Now, before I tighten this down, though, I have to double-check which side I want it to rotate into. So this is correct.

So now I have the light all back together, and now I'm simply going to pick which rail section I want it to go on. And in this case, I will use the included Allen wrench to tighten down the M-LOKs a little bit. So in playing with the position of this light, and based on where my pressure pad is for the LA-5, I'm gonna need to run this all the way to the front. So I'm gonna place it here. It's real slick, Chad.

If the Loctite on the screws is a little bit tough, which it is in this case, position the screw in such a way or position the light, pull the light up towards you when the M-LOK section is actually flat against the M-LOK. And that will allow you to actually turn the screw without it just spinning freely. Otherwise you have to get pliers, you have to hold onto the bolt, and then you have to work the Loctite a little bit. So I am literally pulling the light, doing one side, then going back to the other. So I don't have to get pliers out and actually defeat some of that Loctite before I start mounting it to the gun. So now I lift the front, do the same thing.

Alright, so we have that mounted now. And as you can see, the light can swivel very freely. So if I want the light to be positioned flat to the rail like this, I can do so. If I wanna rotate it all the way up towards the laser, so it's a little more intuitive for my hand, then I will simply tighten it in that position. And that is what I'm looking for. So I'm going to set it in that position up high, take my screwdriver, and then go to the center bolt. Make sure it's good and tight. It's not going anywhere. It's not going to swivel out of position. And now I have intuitive light placement, light activation. I've got my laser on this side. I have light up in the front and I'm good to go.

Advantages of the PRO Style (05:01)
So that's something that is one of the coolest things about this new PRO style of mounting is it gives you a lot more options than having to go out and buy different mounts of different angles to really get it where you want it, you know, in relation to lasers on your rail or just in relation to the different rails out there. So it's definitely a little more versatile than prior options out there. And I think that's pretty cool.

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