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If you are carrying a Sidecar or a similar holster without a spare magazine, or maybe you're using one of our Sidecars with a tourniquet or something else, and you wanna have that extra firepower, there is a pretty good way of carrying an extra magazine versus just slinging it in your pocket and it getting lost down there with all of your lint and your bubble gum and everything else going on down in your pockets. And that is the NeoMag. The NeoMag is this cool little invention that came out years ago. It is essentially a small pocket clip with a built-in or, in this case, built-in magnets. So the pocket clip is going to interface with the jeans or your pants to use, you know, tactical terms for no reason. The magazine is going to magnetize right on there. And that is going to keep your magazine straight up and down in your pocket versus, you know, falling down into, you know, the midst of whatever is down there.

So basically, what we sell is we have… There's lots of different sizes out there. We don't carry all the different variations of NeoMag. If there's one that you need that we don't have on our site, head over to NeoMag's website directly and buy from them. But we have the two most common, which is the medium, so medium-sized magazines, which in this case is most double stack magazines. There's the G, the medium G SKU. And basically what that is, is it has two magnets to magnetize Glock magazines a little better because they have the polymer coating that makes the magnetization on the original ones, it's just a little bit better. The older ones didn't magnetize quite as well as this new Type G. So that's pretty cool. The standard medium has a single magnet. So this one right here, as you can see. And that is gonna be for your more traditional magazines that are metal body, right on the exterior, like this 320, that really have no problem at all sticking right there.

So putting it on, let's see kinda what it looks like. So I have a Glock 17 plus two base pad right here. I'm going to… It's usually easiest to have the magazine already in the NeoMag itself to put it on, at least in my experience. The clip is pretty tight. And that is what it looks like. Now that's with a plus two, so you can see kind of the top of it a little bit with my jeans. If I have a Glock 17 magazine, what that is going to look like is this. It's much more hidden. You don't really see it. It's tucked away. If you wanna have something like the Arredondo plus five or, let's say, a 30 round Glock mag, that's obviously gonna stick outta your pocket a little bit more, and it's gonna be a little more visible.

But as you can see, this is gonna keep your magazine from falling all the way down into your pants pocket and going to reload from it. It's still gonna be your standard index-forward grip. Magazine comes right out, and there you go. So it's a lot faster than just digging down into your pocket to find your magazine that could be turned inside out. You go to grab it, "Oh, no, I've gotta juggle it up into the gun." So it is a little faster, as far as reloading goes, it's also just a little more comfortable. So if you are carrying something like our Sidecar with a tourniquet, but you still want that extra magazine, or maybe sometimes you want to throw that extra mag in your pocket. It's definitely a much more effective way of having that spare mag. And it's also a lot more comfortable, rides better, and it's going to be faster as well. If you have any other questions on the NeoMag or the other SKUs of the NeoMag that we don't sell but are available from NeoMag's website directly, go ahead and shoot us an email at [email protected].