Shooting with the PVS-24LR Night Vision Scope

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Video Transcript

So I've got one of my standard 14.5" Block IIs here, but I have it kitted out for a little bit of night vision, longer range, type shooting. So I have the Tango 60 here, which is a standard 1-6 scope. But what I have in front is a PVS-24 LR. This is a White Phosphor Clip-on for long range shooting. But what I've found is it's actually quite awesome on lower powered magnifications. So in this case, it's a 1-6 so I can run this optic from about 2 1/4 X up to 6 power getting a full visual, full FOV through this particular clip-on. Now what's the most weird thing about this build—Because everyone's familiar with night vision clip-ons—is this laser all the way on top? And they say, wow, that's a lot of height-over-bore.

Well, this is not actually for shooting. I'm not using this as an aiming device to actually engage, you know, from the shoulder. All this is doing is giving me illumination with the IR laser and/or illuminator when I need a little bit of illumination to get down range, get a little bit further (which is why this is an LA-5, not a standard civilian class laser). If you are wanting to build out a long range night vision setup, I highly recommend you go and source a full power or ultra power laser so you can punch that IR light even further than what a standard civilian class laser will do because the FDA in all of their wisdom don't think a civilian should be able to have high power lasers. So get yourself a ultra high power laser, like an LA-5, get your clip on.

Then you can run, you know, depending on which clip-on you get a 2-10 scope, 3-16, in this case I'm just running a 1-6 and I'll shoot this out to 500-600 meters which is about where this gun is going to be going anyway, being a 14.5". So I don't really need a whole lot more magnification than that in general, got a Harris bipod. Modlite OKW, so I can shoot with white light out to 200, if I need to. Suppressor, offset RMR for shooting this offhand, which is very doable with this setup. It does look big and heavy, but it's not too bad. It's still lighter than a SAW. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna shoot some steel out there in the darkness at about 200. So my pressure pad for the LA-5 is running all the way here to my index finger. So when I need illumination, I can double tap that for constant, get my illumination or just hold for momentary to see if I get some shadow off of a target and then I can engage. So I have a piece of steel, about 200 away. I'm at 2 1/2 Power and dial in. It looks like I am on illumination. There we go. And we're gonna find this guy.

There we go, three hits. So that's without illumination. I use the illumination to see him. He kind of casts a little shadow and then. That's a reduced C zone TA targets that I'm smacking out in the darkness. No problem. You can scan around. And I'm set. Pretty legit build. A great rooftop gun rooftop, defense gun.