SureFire M640DFT Scout Light PRO Overview

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So the first question you guys probably have as you're watching this video is how does the Surefire Turbo, the new big body 18650 Turbo compare to other 18650 high candela lights on the market? So I've used the Rein 3.0, I've used the Modlite offerings and I've used a couple other ones out there on the market and there's some other sort of weird ones that utilize different technology, uh, the weltools and uh, the Z Bolt and stuff like that. And ultimately what it really comes down to at this point is, uh, all these lights are more or less doing the same thing. They're punching out a, a very solid amount of light at a pretty long distance. Uh, for these lights you can identify and engage targets at like a hundred meters for all three of 'em. The, the Rein 3.0, uh, the Modlites and the new SureFire, uh, 18650 Turbo.

Uh, the main thing that you're going to be really comparing between all the different high candela lights on the market is going to be the attachment style of that light to your rifle, the form factor, what pressure switches it's compatible with, and then the company that's backing the product. Those are really the main things to look for in a weapon light such as this and not so much the output because everything now is about a hundred thousand candela. And once you start comparing 90,000 to a hundred thousand, you're not really going to see any sort of difference. So I wanna go over the, uh, the tur, the Turbo specifically. So just like any other Sure Fire product, it comes in some packaging that is not necessarily frustration free. inside the package. We have the light itself with the new pro style mount an Allen key

An M-LOK mount. So by default it comes with the Picatinny style pro mount attached. So you can throw it onto your quad rails like this M4 that we're gonna do. Uh, but it also comes with an M-LOK , so you can attach that to your URGI and your modern rails or your budget rifles that have M-LOK rails. There's also a charging cable, so the Surefire Battery, unlike some of the other ones on the market, actually has a mini USB uh, charging port on the battery itself. So you can connect this to a USB charging device of some sort, or you can utilize a standard, uh, Nitecore style battery charger 18650 style charger. And you can charge the battery that way. Inside the light you'll have the battery already. It generally has a little bit of juice in it.

We will actually check to see exactly how much using a charger down here. So it comes with an 18650 battery. These are dual fuel lights, so if you want to drop two CR123 s inside, you are gonna get a little bit of reduced output. I think they say 90,000 candela versus the a hundred thousand, which is still impressive for two CR123s. You'll also have a drop in overall battery life, but logistically if you're not wanting to turn around and charge batteries and save the planet, uh, dropping the CR123s in there is a pretty good option. So let's actually find out how much juice this has. So first, let's activate this show that it is indeed ready to, ready to go. It's back on, tighten the cap down and as you can see right now out of the box, they are ready to go if you had to throw it on your rifle and make it do its thing. But let's actually find out how much battery life these actually have. The battery charger only has three available flashing lights, so we'll see how charged it is.

So this is the battery out of the packaging that I just threw in here. It is flashing with only one light. So that appears to indicate that outta the packaging, it probably does not have a lot of battery life in the, the battery itself. So I do recommend that you charge it. I have another one that's already charging so we can see a good comparison of a full battery in the light and that one's already charged up a little bit more while that battery is charging. We're gonna go ahead and mount this to this Colt M4 with a Knight's RAS rail, but first we're gonna have to remove this OG SureFire light. Uh, this just goes to show how far the technology has come. We now have uh, lights about this size that are punching out some insane lumens and candela allowing us to shoot at 150 plus meters. I have shot it to 180 meters with these before. Um, and this light right here with this amazing, uh, incandescent bulb is, um, not super bright, but it was ahead of its time, kind of. So we'll go ahead and remove this. Also a SureFire,

The pro mount itself is ambidextrous. So right now the way it is set up, it is going to hinge, uh, if I'm mount this on the left side of the rifle, it's gonna hinge downwards. Um, if I wanna flip it up to utilize the thumb pad or the the rear pressure cap a little bit better, all I'm gonna have to do is flip this around. And the way we do that is take a flathead screwdriver like from this multi-tool and we're going to loosen the bolt that's run runs through the center to flip them out around. Once the bolt is removed, you can then swap the mount around or the light around whichever way you wanna do it. So now it'll swivel on this side based on where. We, we attach it to the rail again, us utilizing the flathead, you are going to loosen the actual mount itself so that you can get this onto the 1913. Now we're gonna position this as far out as we can on the rail because I will be activating manually with the pressure cap. So I want it far enough out.

This is what's really convenient about the pro style mounting system and that's kind of why I say when you're choosing a high candela light, there's a lot of other things to consider now at this point. And that is the mounting interface. Uh, the weight of the light cost the company behind it, all of that. Um, but with this particular mount, I can actually swivel the light as close or as far away from the weapon as I want, whether too clear an IR laser or just based on having gorilla hands and I need to like bring it out a little bit. Um, but I can go ahead and shove this all the way in, tuck it in nice and tight to my quad rail and that's pretty nifty. And then once I get my desired angle that I wanna flip it to, so let's say I wanna do it all the way in, all I have to do is get in here, tighten the flathead bolt that runs through the center

And that will prevent the light from swiveling out. Or you can leave it somewhat not all the way tightened down. And so you can kind of move it outta the way if you need to. But let's just say I wanted it to be permanently right there. There I have it. And now I can activate with the pressure switch on the rear cap just fine. And that is nice and tight to the fsp. But let's say we want to mount this with a laser and this is where I really like the SureFire Pro series of lights simply because they work with a lot of pressure switches on the market. Um, there's a lot of SureFire a lot of SureFires accessories out there. It's not super proprietary. So all I have to do is remove the rear cap and now I can attach my regular SureFire host my DS00, whichever I want, or my Arisaka. If I want a momentary only push cap, which on this build I would probably do. So let's say for a moment we wanna run a Peq-15, ATPIAL-C or similar laser and we wanna run the SureFire Dual Switch. While this is not gonna be compatible with some of the other high candela lights out there, such as the Cloud Defensive because they have a proprietary switch system to go with their light. Uh, but because I'm running a SureFire, they can take the SureFire rear caps. I can have all this uh, connect together and work together as a single family. Which is very convenient because as they say, family is everything.

This is obviously not the most conducive uh, way of doing this. I would move the light to the other side and then run the pressure switch on this side, but now I have a way to activate the weapon light and the laser, uh, using a high candela SureFire weapon light. So that is pretty nifty. So we've got the batteries charged up at least most of the way. Uh, I'd like them to be a hundred percent, but we should get full output at the, the range the batteries are at right now. And I have the three contenders, the new Sure Fire, uh, 18650 Pro, uh, Turbo. And then I have the new Rein 3.0 from Cloud Defensive and I have a Modlite OKW and this is the tan body, so it is one of the newer ones. Uh, I've got a mostly full battery inside the Modlite.

I have a full battery in the Cloud Defensive and they have a mostly full battery in the SureFire. So let's actually go test this on a human being and see what these all look like on a person. So I've got a guy here at 25 meters and I'm just gonna work through these one at a time and show you the light on an actual human and the goal. And the objective is being able to identify the clothing he is wearing and see if there's anything in his hands or what his hands are doing. So starting off we have the Modlite, OKW in the left hand. Uh, so this is shined on him. We can see hands in pockets, uh, blue jeans, camouflage jacket. Um, there's some good spill around here, uh, around the light as you can see. So that is the OKW. This is the Cloud Defensive Rein 3.0. Uh, there's definitely a little bit more than the OKW, but again, I can see his jacket, his pants, hands in pockets. I got it. And then the SureFire Turbo right here. Same thing, a little bit less flood compared to the 3.0, but I could still see Blue Jeans, hands in pockets, camouflages jacket and his hat. So now cycling through these, uh, as fast as I can while keeping them on him. We've got OKW

Cloud a lot more flood around the edges, a little bit more data around the edges. Turbo. Now I'll do Turbo to OKW Turbo. Turbo, OKW Turbo. OKW The OKW has a little bit more spill around the edges, but the overall output is very similar, if not the same as the Turbo. The Cloud has a little bit more overall, but ultimately all three of these lights at 25 meters are doing the exact same thing. So now we have him at 50 meters and once again, we're gonna go through one at a time. OKW, 3.0, and Turbo.

OKW, I can see he's got his hands to his sides again, blue jeans, I can see the camouflage jacket, I can see his hat, but I can barely see the emblem, the little red logo on his hat, hands at sides. I can't necessarily see an object that he's holding. We have the Cloud light. Once again, I can see the emblem on his hat a little bit more. camoflauge jacket, hands at sides. I can see him just fine. And I can also see the vehicle, the burning vehicle, uh, to uh, my right, his left and the white barrel. And then we have the SureFire Turbo again. I can see him. The red emblem is faint, but I could still see his hands at sides. Blue jeans camouflage jacket. And now OKW, Turbo, OKW, Turbo, Cloud, Turbo, Cloud, Turbo. So the Cloud is definitely putting out a little bit more than the Turbo. And the OKW, Turbo at 50, Cloud at 50, OKW at 50.

As you saw the Cloud Rein 3.0 light was definitely putting out a little bit more candela and gross lumens, uh, around the area. Uh, which if you're looking for a light that can really put out the most lumens and candela out there possible. It is probably the light to get, but it has its own downsides with its weight. And also using proprietary pressure switches, which may not be your thing. Here at T.rex, We have, uh, really chosen the Turbo. Uh, as you know, the light that we really wanna support because of all the other accessories that are compatible with it. The value add of having the pro mount that allows you to swivel the light inward to the rifle and also hook it up to different pressure switches that accommodate lasers, um, really makes it an awesome option. But again, at this point, all of these high candela lights are ultimately doing the same thing, which is pushing light out there to 50 to 100 meters and giving you a lot of information. Now, the real decision for you as a customer is, uh, which family of products to buy into, which accessories do you want to accommodate, uh, what weight is acceptable to put on your rifle, and then obviously the price point that goes with each light. If you have any other questions about the Surefire Turbo series or other lights on the market, you can email us at [email protected].